Fanzine For the fans, by the fans....

With the Scottish mainstream media chasing their 30 pieces of silver by publishing articles that sell more copies of their rags than otherwise they would usually do – Scotzine has looked at their own publication and decided to go back to our fanzine roots.

Scotzine is bringing satire back to the pages of a publication that will also have a serious side to it. We give fans a greater voice than the SMSM will ever do – without twisting or selectively editing those who comment.

From opinion pieces to satirical to interviews and much more the Scotzine fanzine will as always – call it how we see it. Free from PR bullshit, free from churning out hand fed press releases turned out as exclusives and free from the bull that we read on a daily basis from certain mainstream newspapers – who do more to damage our game than anyone else.

We are open for submissions from anyone no matter who they support and from any level of the Scottish game from international level to the SPFL, HFL, Lowland League, Juniors and the women’s game.

Whether you are a fan looking to get something off your chest, a student journalist looking to build up your portfolio or an internet bampot looking to piss off Hugh Keevins & co. get in touch with your article ideas and submissions to editor@scotzine.com or via our contact us page.

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