Crowdfunding Take our coverage to the next level

We have seen over the past few years media outlets in Scotland doing u-turns on stories, sacking employees or failing to defend them in the face of threats of violence, boycotts and the removal of commercial deals. These outlets not only have a duty to their investors and shareholders, but they also have a duty to their readers and if they put commercial interests ahead of publishing the truth – can that outlet be trusted to report the facts without fear or favour?

While we have commercial deals in place with companies advertising on our website and offshoots – we do not allow anyone or any business dictate what we can or cannot report on. This allows us to pursue stories that others won’t do so due to the fear of being kicked out of grounds, blocked from entry to interviews and the loss of revenue. A revenue that these outlets feed on as their circulation is in freefall.

No shareholders, advertisers or rich businessmen will tell us to censor, edit or remove a story.

At Scotzine, we value our independence and above all we value the voice of the ordinary football fan who for the most part is ignored by these outlets, by football clubs and authorities alike. Our contributors have varied allegiances within the Scottish game and beyond – this allows us to publish varied work and opinions – whether they agree with the editorial team or not on issues.

Scotzine welcome contributors from fans of any Scottish side and football fans in general, as long as it is relevant to Scottish football.

For the past ten years, Scotzine has been funded largely by editor Andy Muirhead and supplemented by regular commercial deals, however, we now want to take our coverage of the Scottish game to the next level and that means an increase in budget – hence the reason why we are now going down the route of crowdfunding.

So what are our plans for any money raised?

All financial contributions will be put back into the website and allow us to produce the content that we all want and need for the Scottish game. Funding will allow us to produce regular reports, interviews, our monthly fanzine and video features to name but a few of the proposed ideas we have planned.

The more people who contribute to the website, the more time we will be able to dedicate to covering the game and not just focus on football in the central belt and areas where our contributors live.

  • To pay existing and future contributors a nominal fee for every article they write for the website and fanzine
  • Covering travel expenses for those contributors who will be travelling across the country to work for us
  • Covering costs to help advertise Scotzine both online and offline to help increase our readership
  • The purchase of equipment to produce video features for Scotzine – such as Fitba Stories [see below]

No matter how much or how little we raise through our crowdfunding efforts, Scotzine will continue our coverage of the Scottish game – but our readers and football fans in general, can have a huge part to play in taking us to the next level of our coverage and turning our ideas into reality.

Our crowdfunding page will be launched in the near future.

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