ALLY McCOIST has urged players at ALL clubs to accept wage cuts.

The Rangers legend believes some will have to make sacrifices to ensure other staff members do not lose their jobs in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

McCoist, who was Ibrox boss at the time, insists the example set by his squad during the club’s insolvency in 2012 should now be followed across the board.

Football is now in cold storage following the emergency halt brought about by the killer bug that has brought a collapse of revenue streams.

Hearts boss Daniel Stendel has waived his wages during this unprecedented period of chaos and uncertainty while club skipper Steven Naismith has taken a 50 per cent cut in his revenue.

Eight years ago, Gers management and players accepted wage cuts of up to 75 per cent to prevent widespread redundancies among other club employees.

The iconic goalscorer, speaking on talkSPORT, said: “One of the things that we were extremely proud of when we went into administration at Rangers was the fact that the playing staff, coaching staff, managerial staff rightly took a wage cut to save the jobs of everybody else on the staff.

“One of the pleasing things to come out of that horrendous situation was the fact we managed to keep everybody’s jobs.

“Obviously, players left the club eventually on freedom of contract and all that stuff, but everybody took a wage cut.

“I remember one of the older lads coming in – and I don’t mean a player – an older member of staff. He was in tears and I was talking to him about 7.45 one morning – he was telling me he was going to lose his job.

“I had a look at it and he was only in three or four days and was only on a couple of hundred quid a week.

“I was thinking to myself that this absolutely cannot be right. This is his job, something he has been doing for years and years.

“And they are going to pay him off rather than ask a player or manager to take a wage cut, so we eventually got all that sorted.

“It is not a massive thing, it is just what people should be doing, to gather round and help each other. We keep going on about – and rightly so – the NHS workers, the essential workers, the pharmaceuticals and all that stuff who are out doing an unbelievable job.

“They are out doing their bit for us, so if everyone else can’t do their bit then what chance have we got?”

Many clubs throughout the UK have already placed non-playing staff on furlough, while there is turmoil at Tynecastle.

PFA Scotland continues to back the alternative approach of wage deferrals, arguing it would be unfair to cut wages among existing squads with the prospect of then using the sums saved to sign new players next season.

Senior staff at the SFA and SPFL, including international manager Steve Clarke, have taken a wage cut of 10 per cent.


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