STEVEN GERRARD has called for a forensic investigation into the voting among the 42 member clubs that backed the SPFL resolution to make a massive decision during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dundee last night voted ‘yes’ to activate the proposal to end the season in the Championship, League One and League Two.

That action will see Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers named champions in their respective leagues.

It will also give the SPFL board the powers to call a halt to the Premiership and hand a ninth successive title to Celtic at some stage this month. Their decision could hinge on a UEFA meeting a week today to discuss the worldwide shutdown.

Two top-flight clubs – Rangers and Hearts, who face relegation – voted against the plan while interim Ibrox chairman Douglas Park demanded an independent review into the voting process.

Last week, Gers claimed they had evidence which raised “serious concerns” over the league body’s handling of the affair and insisted on the immediate suspension of chief executive Neil Doncaster and legal adviser Rod McKenzie.

Boss Gerrard supports the club’s stance and told the Sky Sports Football show: “I’ve been watching closely, it does seem a bit of a mess.

“I let the suits carry on doing what they are doing. From afar, the SPFL looks an absolute mess, in all honesty.

“It’s getting absolutely battered from pillar to post. From my point of view, all I ask is for the SPFL to show some leadership.

“What he [Murdo MacLennan] has to do now, he needs to allow an independent investigation into the set-up up there to prove everything wrong and to make sure there is fairness and transparency in Scotland.

“There’s so many doubts now, certainly looking in over the last few days, it’s so confusing up there at the moment.

“The SPFL have said they are open to an internal investigation and I don’t agree with that because you shouldn’t really be able to mark your own homework because if you do that you’re always going to finish top of the class.

“So, for me, there needs to be an expert or a forensic investigator who should come in and look at everything across the board with the SPFL.

“And if everything’s clean, everything’s fair and everything’s transparent then all the accusations, all the bad media, all the ex-pundits can’t slam the organisation. Everyone can move forward in the right direction.

“Do I want to see the season finished? I certainly understand the situation that we’re in.

“I think there’s more important things to be focused on right now, obviously our own person families and the health of everyone and our supporters is the most important thing right now.”



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Acclaimed author Alex Gordon wrote the biography of Scotland international legend Denis Law, entitled 'King and Country'. He is a former columnist with World Soccer magazine and Scottish correspondent of respected European journal L'Equipe.

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