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Celtic and Rangers targetmen are the…erm…targets for some stinging comments from football fans who are less than enthralled with the players’ efforts. Banjo and barn door are words that come to mind.

First up is the Hoops’ Ivorian striker Vakoun Issouf Bayo. Tam Cunningham asks: “What’s all the fuss about this guy? I see Lenny is saying he might have to go into the transfer market to get players to take the load off Big Odsonne. That’s fair enough. But Bayo has hardly done enough to suggest he was the player who could fill the void in the first place.

“I’ve watched him a few times and have been far from impressed. He’s somewhere south of useless, as far as I’m concerned. How much did he cost? Was it £2million from some Slovakian team no-one has ever heard of?

OH BHOY, BAYO…Celtic striker Vakoun Issouf Bayo holds his head in his hands after blasting over the Hibs bar. Ryan Christie shares his misery. 

“I could be wrong, but I see an Ivorian connection here. Kolo Toure, who is a genuine Ivory Coast football legend, might have been behind that deal back in January. He still had a role with the national team back then, I believe.

“Kolo has now gone to some club in the Midlands with an ex-Celtic manager. If Bayo is so good, why don’t they attempt to sign him? Or did they realise he was a bit of a dud and were quite happy to leave him at Celtic?

“Their club had been linked with Kieran Tierney and Callum McGregor and I see Kristoffer Ajer is now getting a mention. No sign of the name Bayo, though.

“That tells me all I need to know. If Lenny is buying a new striker at the turn of the year he should go for quality. Celtic have had enough stop-gaps over the years at centre-forward.”

Ed answers: It looks as though Bayo has been carrying an injury that might require surgery. Don’t be too hasty to put him in the Scepovic/Bangura category.

Okay, now we have Andy Wilson who is taking aim at a certain Colombian across the Clyde. “I keep reading that Rangers are bracing themselves for a £20million bid for Alfredo Morelos. Listen, it’s November 1, not April 1. I take on board he has scored 18 goals this season and that’s a fair haul, to be fair.

“How many has he scored against Celtic in his Gers career? He can score doubles against Ross County, but if you are going to bandy around figures like £20million, you are going to expect the guy to be proficient enough to score against the big boys.

“If Rangers get a £5million offer for him in January they should snap it up. But, please, spare us this £20million nonsense. I realise the market is doolally, but it’s not that deranged.”

Ed answers: I think £20million is way too high, as well, but you have to give Morelos credit for scoring big goals for Rangers in Europe, including strikes in Switzerland and Portugal. Let’s see what happens in the January sales.

INTERESTED ONLOOKER…on-loan Celt Ewan Henderson doesn’t share Alfredo Morelos’ joy after his opening goal against Ross County.

Alfie Brash also makes a comment that includes the controversial Ibrox attacker. He tells us: “I watched Rangers hammer Ross County in Dingwall the other night.

“A moment passed that no-one seemed to notice. Morelos scored the first goal and then went through his sliding-along-the-bye-line routine.

“I noticed a County substitute, who was warming up on the trackside, giving him a fairly dirty look. And then I saw an action replay.

“It was none other than young Celtic midfielder Ewan Henderson who, of course, is on loan at the Highlanders this season.

“I wonder what was going through his mind? Maybe he’ll be looking for some retribution in an Old Firm game next year?”

Ed answers: Well spotted, Alfie. Scotzine’s technical guys managed to get an image and you are quite right, it was young Henderson. A penny for his thoughts? Possibly not anything we would rush into print!

Lawrence Davidson comes in with this offering: “I saw in your excellent site that Dick Advocaat has agreed to take over Feyenoord and will be their boss when they play Rangers in this month’s Europa League game in Rotterdam.

“Some Rangers friends of mine have been reassuring each other than the ‘Little General’ is still a true blue at heart and he’ll show that at the De Kuip when Steven Gerrard’s boys come visiting.

“I’m going to have to remind them who was the Zenit St Petersburg boss in the UEFA Cup Final in Manchester in 2008.”

Ed answers: Yes, it was indeed the veteran coach who was in charge that day as Zenit won 2-0. Rangers? Russians? Maybe it’s all Dutch to Wee Dick.

TAKE THAT…Kenny Miller slams a shot past Celtic keeper Craig Gordon during the 2-2 Scottish Cup semi-final in April 2016.

Bill McIntosh is not impressed by Kenny Miller. He says: “I’m a Rangers fan and I have welcomed Miller three times to Ibrox and I think he did a fabulous job while he was there.

“Okay, it would appear he may have been treated rather harshly in his last season before he got the boot. Football’s a dog-eat-dog business and there’s no room for sentimentality.

“Miller will get over it, but what is unacceptable is the way he has become a traitor to the cause so quickly. I read in Scotzine he was tipping Celtic for nine in a row.

“Some people have short memories. Talk about biting the hand that once fed you!”

Ed answers: Miller is entitled to his opinion. And are you forgetting he used to play for a team that resides in the east end of Glasgow?

“So, Steven Thompson reckons Aberdeen lay down to Celtic, does he?” asks Adam Taylor. “He should know all about lying down. Every time I see him sprawling on the sofa at Sportscene, he looks like he is about to slide off and end up on the floor.”

Ed answers: Sofa so good for Steven. (Ouch!)

And we can’t possibly bring another column to a conclusion without the mention of a referee. Tom Smith points out: “Did anyone see Wally Collum during the game between Roma and Borussia Monchendbach? Hilarious!

“He was absolutely slaughtered for gifting the Germans a penalty in their Europa League game in Rome.

“For those who missed it, the Italians were 1-0 up when the ball hit their defender Chris Smalling on the face. I think he’s on loan from Manchester United. Anyway, the visitors took full advantage of his outrageous blunder and hammered in the equaliser in the fifth minute of stoppage time.

“It just goes to show the rest of Europe what we have to put up with here in Scotland. At least, Wally Collum is consistent wherever he goes. Consistently awful.”

Ed answers: Yes, Tom, I did notice that and slow motion footage proved conclusively the ball hit Smalling smack in the face. I saw in respected Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport made the flashpoint its main story on their front page with a banner headline screaming “INACCETTABILE”, which translates, as you would reckon, to “unacceptable”. And, by the way, his name is WILLIE and not WALLY Collum. Or is that a genuine mistake?

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