SEETHING Steven Gerrard insisted referee Manuel Schuettengruber robbed Rangers of a stonewall penalty-kick as his side toppled to a last-gasp goal from Young Boys in their 2-1 loss in Europa League Group F in Switzerland.

Alfredo Morelos, who had opened the scoring in the first-half, was felled by desperate defender Ulisses Garcia with the score standing at 1-1.

The Austrian match official was not interested, though, and waved play on as the Colombian sprawled in the box.

Gerrard was unhappy about that incident and also reckoned the Swiss should have had defender Frederick Sorensen red-carded.

The Ibrox boss, speaking to the Scottish Sun, said: “Big moments in the game went against us.

“If we had VAR tonight they would have had a second yellow for Sorensen. Alfredo got a yellow card for exactly the same type of incident, so that didn’t go for us.

“The keeper made a world class save at 1-1.

“We’ve also not been awarded a blatant penalty when Alfredo was fouled inside the box.

“I saw the first view of it, it is as blatant as you like. It’s a clear penalty at a very important time of the match.

“That could have been a massive turning point. We have to take this on the chin. There is no VAR, so there is no point in going on about it.

“But that was big moments at big times in the second-half that haven’t gone our way.”

Asked about the gers chief’s comments, rival coach Gerardo Seoane replied: “I don’t want to comment on what Steven Gerrard said.

“We have to accept the rules. There is no VAR at the moment.

“Of course, there were some difficult moments in the game, but I am wearing yellow and black.”


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Acclaimed author Alex Gordon wrote the biography of Scotland international legend Denis Law, entitled 'King and Country'. He is a former columnist with World Soccer magazine and Scottish correspondent of respected European journal L'Equipe.

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