A WARM welcome once again to FEEDBACK FRIDAY, our new column that welcomes the fans’ views, frank or frivolous, candid or controversial, as you let off steam with your observations, comments or opinions.

The weekend starts here, so strap yourself in for a bumpy ride and let’s see what’s ruffling the feathers of the Scotzine readers.

Last week Kevin ‘Calamity’ Clancy got a bit of a doing from irate fans following his refusal to award two penalty-kicks for the Hoops against Hibs. This week, Willie ‘Catastrophe’ Collum is in direct line of ire from a section of irked supporters.

Tom Delaney says: “No complaints about the red card for Ryan Christie. If any of the opposition had done that to a Celtic player we would have been calling for him to be banished, so that’s fair enough.

“Having said that, what about the Livi player (Keighan Jacobs) and his lunge at Jonny Hayes late in the game down at the touchline?

“Is that not worth another red card? He was off the ground when he fired into the challenge. Give us some consistency, referees. If Christie had to walk, then, so, too, did the Livi culprit. ‘Catastrophe’ Collum saw it because he produced a yellow card. It should have been red.”

Ed answers: Could it be Mr Collum is colour blind?

Tony Greig says: “Did you see that lovely picture of Sir Rod Stewart having a nap on his private airplane which appeared in his son Sean’s Instagram page? The 74-year-old rocker looked quite snug as he snoozed under his green and white Celtic duvet.

“Obviously, he has no insomniac worries. Maybe he was at Livingston on Sunday. I reckon he would have lasted five minutes before being comatose watching the so-called action in this game.

“The only thing that might have kept him awake would have been the ‘stars’ of Hammer Throwers FC clattering into the bones of unprotected Celtic players.”

Ed answers: It’s an interesting image, isn’t it? Do you think it might be posed? Or do rock stars always sleep with shades on?

Helen Jamieson, who informs us she is a “bit of a Livi fan”, delivers: “What a lot of cry-babies those Celtic players are. They whine about the playing surface at the Spaghettihad because they’ve just been turned over.

“Listen, for the money they’re paid, they should be able to play on the moon’s surface.”

Ed answers: I’m told there is more atmosphere on the moon than Livingston on some matchdays.

John Anderson has taken exception to something Rangers midfielder Ryan Jack said during the week. He says: “I read him babbling on about Celtic not being ‘anything special’ when they won 2-0 at Ibrox.

“Listen, Ryan, son, when did Celtic have to be ‘extra special’ to beat your team?

“See you at Celtic Park in December and we’ll see who is sitting on top of the league at the turn of the year. That’ll be the same team that will be on their way to nine in a row.”

However, Tam Simpson is not so sure about John’s confidence. “Every team needs a goalscorer if they hope to be successful,” he points out with a fair degree of logic. “Rangers have got two of them in Jermain Defoe and Alfredo Morelos.

“Odsonne Edouard gets a lot of good press in this country, but does anyone really think he will have scored more goals than Wee Jer and Alf by the end of the season?

“I’m not a risk-taker as far as money money is concerned, but I would put my house on it.”

Ed answers: Just as well you’re not a gambler then, Tam.  

There was no way Steve Clarke was going to escape criticism after last night’s 4-0 loss to Russia in Moscow.

Jack Smith lunges in with: “I know Clarke has only been in the job five minutes, but we must sack him before we become a complete laughing stock.

“Charlie Mulgrew? Liam Palmer? John Fleck? Mikey Devlin? They’d be lucky to get a game for Third Lanark.”

Ed answers: Anyone would be lucky to get a game for Third Lanark these days, Jack.

Eddie Hughes says: “Clarke has the perfect face for a Scotland manager, hasn’t he? Why doesn’t he make Victor Meldrew his assistant and we can have a comedy double-act?

“He never looked happy when he was doing good things at Kilmarnock, so there is no chance of him ever smiling as manager of our bunch of losers.

“He’ll be lucky if two men and a dog turn out for the match against San Marino on Sunday.”

Ed answers: It’s doubtful if the Noise Abatement Society will have any problems around the Mount Florida district on the Sabbath, that’s for sure.

Rounding off some of the comments from a decidedly tetchy Tartan Army, Lesley James adds: “There is a guy who would be certain to do a great job for Scotland and guarantee us success.

“He’s out of work at the moment, so he wouldn’t cost the penny-pinchers at the SFA any compensation.

“I’m talking about the Special One, Jose Mourinho, of course. Get him on a rock-solid ten-year deal before he becomes manager of Spurs.”

Ed answers: Interesting thought, Lesley. One little thing to note, though. The last time we looked Spurs already had a manager. Do you know something the rest of the world doesn’t?

Okay, let’s introduce a little sense to proceedings. Scotzine ran a piece on Kieran Tierney last weekend when the £25million man revealed he thought some Celtic fans would never forgive him for leaving for Arsenal.

Craig Anderson says: “If they don’t, then they should get over themselves. Tierney was right to take the next move and if he’s as good as we all know he is, it’s only right he goes to a club where he can take it to the next level.”

Philip Drysdale contributes: “Kieran, you should not worry about the naysayers in life, they are a miserable shower and probably not real supporters. You gave Celtic many great performances over the years and I’d like to thank you and wish you well with Arsenal, make us proud, young man.”

And Stevie Silver Fox added: “The Lisbon Lions were the real true Celtic players as they stayed mainly with one club all their days and I think now of Bobby Lennox, a great servant to Celtic FC”.

Ed answers: Kieran Tierney was made an offer he couldn’t refuse, as simple as that. The same goes for Celtic. They had him under a lengthy contract and could have said no. Time to move on.

And, finally, a big thank-you to Edward Murphy who has some kind things to say about Scotzine. He gives us a pat on the back and says: “A mag that’s getting better and better…well done. guys!”

Ed answers: Cheers, Edward. Nice to be appreciated and we will do our best to live up to your welcome endorsement.

* Well, folks, thank you for your comments and opinions. Please ktc and ktc – keep them coming and keep them clean – and we’ll use the best of them in FEEDBACK FRIDAY. As ever, enjoyable spending time with you. Thanks for your support and have a wonderful weekend wherever the action may take you. See you same place next week!

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