RANGERS shareholder and former manager Ally McCoist has hit out at Celtic supporters for starting rumours that the Ibrox club is heading for Administration.

Various bloggers have been predicting another Ibrox insolvency event for the past week or so and have outlined competing reasons why this is the case.

Rangers bloggers have rebutted the claims but have admitted that the company that runs the club will not respond directly.

The Daily Record this morning ran a story rubbishing the claims and now the former Rangers striker has entered the debate by claiming that it is all the fault of the Celtic supporters.

Speaking to Celtic fan Alan Brazil on TalkSport this morning McCoist was clear where the rumours were coming from and quick to dismiss them.

“That’s the Celtic division,” he said.

“They’ve played to the gallery and you’ve just played right back!

“Everything’s fine at the moment.”

Brazil wasn’t convinced though saying to McCoist:  “No, no – I can tell by your face it isn’t.”

However the former Gers star held his ground.

“I’m telling you right now, I can reassure you the Rangers lads are over in Florida preparing for the season starting again.

“The Celtic lads and I think the Aberdeen lads are over in Dubai having a nice time, training in a better climate.

“The Rangers lads are over for the Florida Cup.”

Brazil then asked about the impending Takeover Panel crisis that means that Dave King has to make an £11million share offer after losing his case at the Coirt of Session last month.

Ironically King will have to offer McCoist 30p for the 1p shares he picked up from Charles Green after the Yorkshire businessman started the Ibrox operation again after the liquidation event in 2012.

“I think Dave King’s got to legally offer shareholders 20p in the pound for their shares because of the takeover,” McCoist said.

Brazil then asked if King has the money, he replied:

“I hope so,” McCoist replied.



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