Loveable rogue stands accused of consorting with the enemy

Did the 2017 The Rangers AGM unwittingly reveal a dark side to our erstwhile paragon of virtue?

An otherwise lacklustre The Rangers AGM yesterday exploded into life when the question on the lips of so many The Rangers fans was finally blurted out. If there was ever any doubt that there is little or no interest in Dave King’s litany of financial crimes then this was put to bed in the time it took to say,”Whit school did ye go tae?”

Alas, we may never know, for sure, the answer to that most salient of questions but the doubt will always remain and hang over King like a thurible at a Papish funeral Mass.

As the gathered Press Core Shareholders left the hall, satisfied that their leader is now being closely monitored for any indications of Papishness, a source close to the club/company said suspicions were raised by the fact that King was on the board of Rangers when Paul Le Guen (Catholic) was appointed Manager. And now, whilst on the board of The Rangers, Caixinha (Catholic) was appointed as Manager. Whit‘s that all aboot, eh?

In the interest of open and transparent stewardship of The Rangers, the Board agreed to totally side-step the thorny issue of the dilution of share values and asked that it is never brought up again, particular by the Media who report on yesterday’s events.

A spokesperson for Allen Glen School said that any mention of the convicted tax fraudster may have been expunged from their records.



Former pupils of St Margaret Mary’s RC High School, also known as The Green Brigands, are once again on our radar.

As it became apparent, during yesterday’s The Rangers AGM, the maleficent influence of the school’s moral teachings may stretch as far as the boardroom at Ibrox!

RECORD SPORT understands that both Paul Le Guen and Pedro Caixinha may be alumni of the Castlemilk RC School. This is a long way from being confirmed but, be assured, we are working on it.

Tickets for The Rangers’ next home game versus Ross County are still available at: www.rangers.co.uk/tickets

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