ABERDEEN have announced that they have received substantial investment from American businessman, Tom Crotty.

The Boston-based businessman has invested £750,000 ($1,000,000) in the Pittodrie club after buying up club shares having being introduced to them by Dave Cormack, a club director, last year.

Club chairman, Stewart Milne, confirmed the investment from the software tycoon and expressed his enormous gratitude at the investment by Crotty.

“It’s great to see Dave’s efforts in attracting US investment to the club come to fruition.

“A key part of his new role at the club was to help us source and secure investment from America and we’re staggered by this first pledge.

“Tom’s investment in the club is an endorsement of our vision and long-term strategy.”

Milne confirmed that the investments would be going towards the club’s ‘Aurora’ project to build a new state of the art stadium and footballing facilities at Kingsford.

Crotty’s enthusiasm in the investment was confirmed as he commented on his excitement at being involved in the club.

“I’m really happy to be part of what is a very exciting time for the club both on and off the pitch. My experience of soccer is that it has a profoundly positive impact across whole communities. This is why my investment is directed towards enhancing the community facilities on offer as part of the club’s modern and progressive development.

“The club has an opportunity to co-locate its community work alongside its professional football academy and stadium to create a purpose-built complex that will enhance the experience for players, act as a real magnet for young football talent and a focal point for grass-roots community initiatives.”


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