DUNDEE’s Neil McCann has said that his side are looking for a long-term solution as opposed to a short-term remedy to halt their slump of results which sees them at the foot of the Premiership table.

McCann, the former Sky pundit, is confident in the ability of his team to continue working hard and deliver the change that they need in order to climb the table.

“I’ve said before it wont be a quick fix, it is long-term in order to get to where we want to be.”

“It won’t happen overnight. I’ve told the group that they don’t suddenly go from a brilliant performance – particularly against Kilmarnock to a weak performance and suddenly you’re not good enough.

“There’s no panic, I want to make that crystal clear. There’s no panic from me and no panic from the group, they just have to trust that the work they’re doing has to bear out better results.”

The 43-year-old began his career at the ‘Dee and is a fans’ favourite from his time there; however, McCann has confirmed that he doesn’t fear the sack from the Dens Park club.

“I don’t feel under pressure for my job, no. I took this job which is a massive job and I’m very proud to be in.

“I always put a big amount of pressure on myself to do things to the best of my ability, and I believe I am.

“What I feel pressure on is making sure I’m continuing to coach these guys to make them better and eradicate mistakes and turn it round.”

McCann stated his intent to be the man that could galvanise his team and lead to a resurgence in their league fortunes.

“I’m not scared of hard work, and this week has been a really good week in terms of preparation.

“People keep saying to me ‘Dundee are playing some football’, and we are, but it’s meaningless without results, I’m not ignorant to that fact. We will change that with hard work.”


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