YESTERDAY morning on the James John site, there was an exclusive about former Rangers owner Craig Whyte’s plans to write a book about his time in charge of the Ibrox club.

Whyte famously bought the club for a pound from Sir Davod Murray, who had run up hundred of millions in debt and and had embarked upon a dodgy tax scheme which HMRC proved determined enough to pursue all the way to the Supreme Court.

Whyte, proclaimed a Motherwell born Billionaire by the Daily Record, placed the club into Administration on Valentines Day 2012 before the creditors rejected a CVA in June 2012 and the club was placed into liquidation.

This week creditors received an interim payment for liquidators BDO or around 4% of the money they were owed.

This morning the site carried more details on the proposed contents of a book that is still to be written and is yet to find a publisher brave enough to bring it out.

The articles from the John James site is available HERE.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that the Scottish newspapers are this morning covering this story. They can, when it suits them, completely ignore any uncomfortable stories relating to the Ibrox clubs, ask the guys who have spent years pursuing the Resolution 12 issue.

The Scottish Sun claim that Whyte is angry that details of the book have been leaked, although that in itself seems far fetched.

Whyte was known to have recorded many crucial conversations and if he is able to back up his revelations with hard evidence then a publisher may well bite.

Someone on Twitter, who is a well known Celtic support, asked if people would actually buy the book if it was ever published. He received an abundance of replies, mostly saying yes they would buy with a few saying they would read it but wouldn’t buy it.

David Murray up until now seems to have got off very lightly indeed in the narrative of the Rangers demise, despite him being the principal cause of the death of a Scottish institution.

The SFA and SPL (now SPFL) will also be concerned about what Whyte will have to say, especially if he can back it up with Veritas, the defence of the the truth.

And there could also be a few sleepless nights for some current board members at Ibrox.

What everyone should remember is that there have been various regimes operating clubs at Ibrox over the past 5 or 6 years. Each has had its own agenda and spin doctors. All have positions to protect and skeletons in the closet – including Whyte.

Whether it’s one of the Murrays, King, Green, Whyte or others, they all have their own agenda and their version of events will be tainted by prejudice and self interest.

Everyone remember Charlotte’s Fakes?


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