PAUL LAMBERT has told the Scottish team to go to Slovenia and make history by winning and reaching the play-offs .

Speaking to BBC Scotland, the former-Celtic midfielder said that it’ll be a nervous atmosphere but that the Scots have what it takes to progress.

“They don’t need to go gung-ho but I don’t think they can be too cagey; we can’t play that way.”

“Everything is riding on this, so go in thinking ‘this is the last throw of the dice, leave no regrets’, then I think they have a great chance.”

The 48-year-old was part of the Scotland side that qualified for the 1998 World Cup in France but believes that this Scotland side can replicate what Craig Brown’s side did then.

“They’ve got 90 minutes to get the result, so they can wait and play on the counter-attack, which is a great weapon.”

“We have to be confident and resolute; they are going to have put their bodies on the line. It’s about getting the result by any means.

“Possession doesn’t matter, it’s just about scoring one more goal than them, regardless of how you do it.

“Football can be about formations and tactics but so much comes from within. It’s about how much you want it, how much you want to achieve things.”

Lambert, who won 40 caps for the national side, paid homage to Gordon Strachan after the resurgence of the side in the past year.

“Four or five games ago, everyone thought ‘we are nowhere near it’ and people were asking ‘is Gordon Strachan going to stay on?’

“But he has turned it round fantastically.”

“It will be a really hard game, they haven’t conceded a goal at home in this campaign.”

“A lot depends on their mindset. If they turn up thinking ‘we’re out of it’, that will definitely affect them but they could say ‘this is our last game at home in front of our fans, let’s put on a show’.

Scotland face Slovenia tomorrow in a must-win clash to determine whether they will make it through to the play-off rounds.



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