CELTIC manager Brendan Rodgers yesterday opened up the discussion on the Scottish Champions leaving the SPFL to move to play in the English Premier League.

The timing of this is interesting given the decision this week by the SPFL Board to abandon their call for an SFA enquiry into the EBT cheating scandal at Ibrox under the stewardship of David Murray.

The SFA had previously rejected any investigation into the scandal saying that it would be bad for the Scottish game to “rake over old coals.”
With Celtic visiting Ibrox this lunchtime any response from Celtic to these developments are expected next week when today’s game is out of the way.
So Rodgers’ intervention regarding a possible move to England is interesting to say the least.
While Rodgers admits that any move would be unlikely his comments are sure to worry both Regan at the SFA and Doncaster at the SPFL.
“Celtic in the Premier League would be an amazing story. It would be an amazing experience for everyone,” the Celtic manager said.

“I just don’t think it would ever happen. There are so many barriers to go over.

“Celtic are one of the great iconic clubs in the world.

“If they were in the Premier League, what that would generate. For example, we played Ross County at the weekend and we got 58,000-odd thousand.

“Around 60,000 every home game. You could take over virtually every away stadium when you go away, the travelling support will bring 10,000 or 12,000.

“It’s the pure scale of the club, if you’re talking big clubs, history, supporters, all of that.

“What it doesn’t have is finance. It doesn’t have the money that the Premier League generates.”

SPFL chief Neil Doncaster admitted for the first time in the summer that the door could be open soon for the champions to play in England, adding that UEFA are willing to back the notion.

But the Irishman admitted there would be too many hurdles before that could happen and revealed it is more likely the club would be involved in a combined European league.

He added: “I think there are just so many processes it would have to go through. I think there’s more of a chance of it being in a European league, than Celtic being in the pyramid system down south.

“One thing I’d say with England is that every team will believe that they can be a top flight team – Brentfords, Huddersfields – lots of clubs in England have that vision, that ambition to do that.

“So, I think it would be very, very tough for Celtic to be in there. It would be absolutely amazing, and then you would see the true, real size of a club like Celtic.”


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