JOEY BARTON laughed as he recalled being ‘pumped’ by Celtic last September in his only appearance for Rangers against the Hoops, while interviewing Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers on Talk Sport this morning.

Barton made plenty of noise ahead of the first meeting of the side’s after Rangers reached the Premiership after starting again at the bottom of the Scottish leagues in 2012 after the old club went into liquidation.

But things didn’t turn out as expected for the former Burnley player who is currently suspended from the game for betting violations.

Celtic did their talking on the park recording a 5-1 victory and Celtic skipper Scott Brown bossed Barton all afternoon, making the loud mouthed Scouscer eat his own words.

Speaking this morning on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Barton said: “Brendan, obviously you’ve got a good record over Rangers since you’ve been up there.

“Pumped me in the first game I played, the first and only Old Firm (sic) game I’ve played!

“Do you go into the games thinking we’ve got this side’s number, there’s not really much?

“Sometimes you play against sides and just think when push comes to shove, you know you’ve got their number.”

But Brendan Rodgers was having none of that.

“It’s a difficult one Joey isn’t it, because we’ve played seven times now and these are the types of games you can never be complacent in,” the Celtic boss responded.

“Especially with the atmosphere in both grounds. The one at the weekend was very intense, Rangers had great support as had we in our end.

“But you go into the game and know if you can play well and be really aggressive in your defending then we always have a chance to create and score goals.

“But we never go into them and expect because that’s the moment when you would slip up.”


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