STEPHEN McMANUS has backed Kieran Tierney to become a Celtic great, if he commits his career to the club.

The former Celtic captain decided to retire from the game yesterday and take on a role with the Academy at Motherwell but spoke about the progress of Scotland’s most coveted player in glowing terms. 

‘When you see Kieran playing, he has absolutely everything. And it seems that his best attribute is that he’s a really good type. He wants to get better and better every day.

‘It is not easy coming through Celtic’s academy and getting the opportunity to play. For me he is the one, out of everybody, who can go the furthest in his career.

McManus suggested that Tierney’s breakthrough could lead to an upturn in the performances of the Scottish national team as the two full-back positions are taken by quality youngsters. 

‘He has just turned 20 and him, along with Andrew Robertson, who has just gone to Liverpool of course, are going to be the full-backs for Scotland for the next 10 to 15 years.’

McManus believes that due to Tierney’s qualities a large amount of suitors would seek his signature in the coming years.

‘I think he has the potential to go wherever he wants. He’s that good.

‘Big clubs will certainly come in – and it’s up to him to decide. I think just now the best place to keep developing is Celtic.

The ex-Celtic defender, who was most prominently used under Gordon Strachan, believes that despite the hype of the EPL, Celtic are the place for Tierney to make a global name for himself.

‘He is working under a fantastic manager, a fantastic coaching staff, playing in the Champions League and winning titles. So Celtic is the best place for him to be just now.

‘The last person I witnessed like him was John Kennedy. He was very similar in that he had everything, before his injury.

‘Kieran just seems to be getting better and better – and I couldn’t compliment him enough.


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