LITTLE Albion Rovers today discovered that it is one rule for the them and a completely different rule for others as they were thrown out of the Irn-Bru Cup today by the SPFL.

This comes on the same day that CQN published minutes of a recent meeting between SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster and his lawyer Rod McKenzie in which the pair try to explain the reason why Rangers were not punished for fielding ineligible players for a decade. Read the minutes of this meeting HERE.

Ablion Rovers’ penalty shoot out win has been set aside and instead a 3-0 win has been awarded to Spartans.

The SPFL can of course say that they have simply followed the rules and some may also point out that they didn’t require a retired judge to sit to reach this decision.


The league formally announced the decision on the Rover punishment on their website saying:

“At a disciplinary hearing held today (Thursday, 24 August 2017) the SPFL Board charged Albion Rovers FC with a breach of the IRN-BRU Cup Regulations.

“The charge arose from the participation of player Liam McGuigan as a used substitute during Albion Rovers’ match against Spartans in the First Round of the IRN-BRU Cup on Tuesday, 15 August 2017. Liam McGuigan was, at that time, not registered with Albion Rovers and was therefore not eligible to play in that match.

“The tie finished 0-0 after extra time, with Albion Rovers then winning the resulting penalty shoot-out 5-4.

“Albion Rovers pleaded guilty to the breach of the IRN-BRU Cup Regulations.

“The SPFL has annulled the result of the Albion Rovers v Spartans match and instead awarded the match as a 0-3 win to Spartans. Albion Rovers were also fined £2,000.

“Spartans therefore progress to the Second Round of the 2017/18 IRN-BRU Cup in place of Albion Rovers and will now play Linfield at home.”

Now if the SPFL can reach a decision that a 3-0 scoreline should be applied for Albion Rovers for their violation of the rules what about Rangers, Mr Doncaster and Mr McKenzie? What about Rangers?

This Irn Bru advert somehow seems pretty apt as far as the SPFL are concerned…



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