POLICE SCOTLAND are investigating online death threats aimed at Hibs manager Neil Lennon following his side’s 3-2 victory at Ibrox on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday Club 1872, the Rangers supporters group who are the second largest shareholder in the Ibrox club, released a statement condemning Lennon for the gestures he made towards the home support on Saturday.

These gestures included ‘ear cupping’ and the Glasgow expression of ‘get it right up ye’ and hundreds of Rangers supporters have reported the former Celtic manager to the Police for provoking and enraging the Rangers support at the match.

Nothing of course was said about a Rangers player only last Sunday repeatedly making the exact same gesture at Fir Park after scoring for the Ibrox club in their opening Premiership match.

Indeed there was not a word about the crowd of around 45,000 Rangers fans hurling undiluted sectarian filth towards the Lennon, who is a Roman Catholic.

Indeed the irony of this anti-Catholic bigotry being directed at one manager on Saturday while the guy currently in charge in the Rangers dug-out is also a Roman Catholic seems to be lost on Club1872 and their fellow supporters.

It is remarkable too that not one political figure in Scotland is prepared to say a single word to condemn the evil bigotry and sectarian hatred from the Rangers fans towards Neil Lennon.


Lennon has had bombs and bullets sent to him, he has been assaulted while doing his job on the touchline at a professional football match in Scotland, he has been knocked unconscious in the street, he has had sectarian death threats painted on roads in Glasgow and every time he visits Ibrox the Police stand, watch and arrest no-one as this bigoted bile pours out of these people.

Scotland is shamed by these episodes and the silence of every political leaders should be noted.

Today while the papers have headlines about Lennon being the subject of Police enquiries for his actions on Saturday, Police Scotland have revealed that they are now hunting for more online keyboard harden who have threatened to kill Lennon.

These threats have been made against Neil Lennon’s personal safety on a Facebook page frequented by Rangers fans including several calling for Lennon to be ‘shot’.

Police Scotland have brought in officers from a specialist football liaision unit to assist in the investigation which they are classifying as urgent.

A Police spokesperson said: “Police Scotland are aware of offensive and threatening comments posted on social media concerning a named individual. Enquiries are currently ongoing.”

Most of the comments are allegedly peppered with sectarian remarks and swearing.

“Somebody needs to shoot that f***”, another says, “Someone give me a weapon and I will shoot this little terrorist c*** in the head with impunity. I’m serious. I would.”

Hibernian are well aware of their duty of care to their employee and are expected to release a statement shortly.

The SPFL, who have yet to say anything about the attack on Celtic skipper Scott Brown tor the racist abuse directed at Scott Sinclair, during Celtic’s visit to Ibrox at the end of last season, are almost certainly set to say nothing.

The SFA will probably ban Lennon from the touchline.




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