CELTIC supporters have been waiting for an official statement from Celtic regarding the SPFL’s recent decision to close the book on any further sanctions to be imposed on Rangers following the EBT decade of cheating which was led by Knight of the Realm, Sir David Murray.

All Celtic supporters understand that it is impossible to punish a further a club that is dead but they do want the record books amended so that the trophies won by Sir David Murray’s Rangers are struck off the record books.

Simply put Scottish football must follow every other sport and football in every other country and demonstrate that cheats don’t win.

It they do the game is a bogey.


However Celtic have so far remained silent, although action does appear be close, judging by information from sources close to the action.

But while Celtic have more immediate concerns, like negotiating their way past Rosenborg tomorrow evening in Norway for to win a place in the Champions League Play-off round, one Celtic employee did take the opportunity today to make a comment on the Rangers status.

At Glasgow Airport, Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths was going though the usual airport procedures alongside club captain Scott Brown.

Griffiths was reaching some unpleasant ‘banter’ apparently from a Rangers supporter and the Celtic and Scotland striker reminded  the Bear that ‘his club’s dead’.

Twenty seconds in on this clip. The look on Scott Brown’s face is also worth noting.

‘Your not Rangers anymore,’ is the chant that every club’s supporters use when they play the Iborx club that Charles Green founded from the ashes in 2012.

Last month the Supreme Court’s judgment means that at least 14 titles must be stripped from the old club’s record.

And once and for all the continuity myth, manufactured by SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, should be set aside and the actual facts – the truth of what happened – should be the only way we can move forward.

Rangers died in 2012, in their last decade or so they cheated.

The cheating was instigated by Sir David Murray.

The trophies that were won through cheating should be set aside.

The old (dead) Rangers should keep all other honours they won while they traded as Rangers Football Club.

Charles Green’s Rangers should keep their minor trophies and should have no claim on the trophies won by the previous Rangers that ceased to be a football club in June 2012.

It really is quite simple.

The Court of Session may choose to agree.




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