ABERDEEN Chairman Stewart Milne, the house builder with  a large proportion of his business in the Central Belt, wants Scottish football to ‘move on’ from the Rangers EBT scandal which earlier this month once and for all established that for over a decade the Ibrox club cheated the game, every club in Scotland, every club they played in Europe and every fan who paid to watch their teams play.

In the Courts after a verdict is reached there is often a delay before the sentencing is decided by the Judge or Sheriff. So an accused who organised a massive financial fraud over ten years or so and is found guilty by a jury is likely to have to wait a few weeks before learning his fate.

There is never any calls from anyone, members of the public, members of the jury, the victims in the fraud or indeed members of the Judiciary for everyone to ‘move on’ and simply forget that the established and proven crime needs to be punished.

Justice needs to be done and it needs to be seen to be done, otherwise what’s to stop others committing similar crimes if they are to go unpunished?

If you do the crime you have to do the time and it is time Scottish football had the balls to realise this lesson that every criminal in the land, outside of the Rangers fraud scandal, understands.

Milne of course may be mindful of his house sales in the Central Belt – see the post from a Dons fan below on this very point.

He may also find that to be a more significant personal factor than the wishes of the Aberdeen supporters, who perhaps put more commitment into the game than any other team in Scotland give the numbers they travel in to away games and the distance travelled.

For those fans there are no ‘away’ fixtures in the same city of a few miles away on the motorway.

Milne maybe missed the Dons Supporters Together Statement on The Big Tax Case which was issued 5 July, the same day as the Supreme Court ruled in favour of HMRC thus condemning David Murray and his Rangers as tax and football cheats.

Today Milne is in the papers saying it’s time to ‘Move On’, following on from Topping last week and earlier Regan at the SFA.

Do these people not get it? There is no moving on until the mess is cleared up and if that means the supporters having to to it because the clubs are unwilling then so be it.

Milne’s press interview is below, with the admirable Dons Supporters Together Statement and the views of an Aberdeen supporter who reminded us all of the importance of house sales in the Central Belt to Mr Milne, the diligent house builder.



STATEMENT – Big Tax Case Ruling

“Dons Supporters Together aim to represent the Aberdeen FC supporting community and have done since their inception. Those supporters that travel home and away, week-in, week-out and spend a fortune while doing it.

“We all appreciate that Scottish football has its faults and its critics. But, we fully expect, and it is our absolute right, that the sport we love and invest in is fair and honest.

“On 5th July 2017 the Supreme Court backed HM Revenue and Customs in its fight with Rangers FC over their use of Employee Benefit Trusts between 2001 and 2010. This allowed Rangers FC to recruit members of staff of a certain quality that they could not ordinarily afford. Rangers FC undisputedly cheated the taxman to win 14 trophies.

“Dons Supporters Together share the view with supporters who have invested in the Scottish game, that Rangers FC should be stripped of the 14 trophies won during these EBT years.

“We now appeal to the Scottish football authorities, media, supporters and clubs in Scotland to review this matter and re-instate our trust in those running the game.”



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