FORMER Rangers Director of Football Gordon Smith believes Pedro Caixinha will be given time to turn things around.

The ex-Ibrox midfielder admits the “reputation of the club has been damaged” by the sensational defeat in Luxembourg.

But Smith reckons the Portuguese will be given some breathing space in the fall-out of the sensational Europa League exit, but says improvements MUST be made quickly.

He said: “Things aren’t looking very good at the moment for the manager.

“I think he will be given time because he has brought in players and he has only just taken over.

“But Rangers are in a real transition period and he needs to get things going very quickly.

“It’s extremely embarrassing and it is also costly as well because Rangers were hoping to have a run, they have brought in some players, spent a bit of money and hoping to have a good run in Europe.

“Even Pedro Caixinha was talking about being in the group stages, that would be success in itself, and to go out in the first round to a part-time team from a small nation like Luxembourg is very embarrassing.

“It is the worst European result in the club’s history, it might even compare as the worst overall because of the level of opposition.

“A lot of people refer back to Berwick in the Scottish Cup in 1967 when Rangers lost that game, but this really does compare with that, it is pretty poor.”


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