RANGERS fans have been accused of robbing and abusing a well known charity collector in Sheffield yesterday.

Around 9000 Rangers supporters made the trip to the Yorkshire city to attend the friendly match against Sheffield Wednesday which the Ibrox side won 2-0.

However several off the field incidents have been reported that have once again caused embarrassment for the Rangers bosses.

Just the day before the EDL fascist leader who operates under the alias of Tommy Robinson appeared in Sunderland with a busload of fascist thugs. Robinson wore a red Rangers shirt which would have embarrassed both Rangers and the club’s sponsors Red32 and shirt manufacturer Puma.

Red32 and Puma have been asked to comment.

It was thought that the Ibrox club would issue a statement to distance themselves from the fascist movement.

However some Rangers supporters seemed happy to be associated with Robinson, his racist views and the fascist movement, the EDL.

One Rangers supporter took to social media to suggest that the Rangers fans should sing an amended version of a Simon and Garfunkel song in praise of the EDL fascist.

Here is his tweet:


John Burkhill walks each and every day to collect money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

He is widely known and well respected in the local community in Sheffield. John has stated that he was attacked and robbed simply because he was wearing the Macmillan’s charity’s traditional colour, green.

The 78-year-old has stated that said he was subjected to foul language and abuse before some Rangers fans stole his wig and other items from the pram he pushes around the streets in his bid to raise £1 million for Macmillan Cancer Support.

John has raised around £750,000 for the charity since his wife June died of cancer, said he was disappointed with the behaviour of the Rangers fans.

“I can’t say it was all of them, it wasn’t, and there was one young fan who actually came over to me to apologise for the behaviour of those involved,” he said.

“But I can say I have never known anything like it in all the years I have been collecting.”

He was targeted outside Wednesday’s stadium on Penistone Road at around 2pm as thousands of Rangers fans made their way to the stadium ahead of their 2-0 win.

“I stand outside HIllsborough and outside Bramall Lane when Sheffield United are at home on every single match day and I won’t let this stop me.

“It was not good at the time and I learned some swear words I had never heard before – and all because I was wearing green like Celtic do.

“I took a lot of abuse but I stood my ground and didn’t let them stop me doing what I was there to do – to raise money for Macmillan – because it is too important to me.

“The Wednesday fans who know me saw all this happen and were upset because 95 per cent of them probably know me and it could have caused some real bother but it wasn’t all the Rangers fans so thankfully nothing else happened.”

The pram John, from Handsworth, pushes around Sheffield to collect cash was bought for his daughter, Karen, when she was born in the 1960s.

Rangers FC has been asked for a comment, but so far have failed to do so.

Meanwhile another Rangers supporter has been caught out trying to spread malicious fake news on social media concerning Celtic supporters.

In the tweet below a Rangers supporter claims that a Sunderland fan had been “beaten up on his way home from the game.”

However his claim was quickly exposed as FAKE NEWS with the truth being the pensioner had been attacked in 2016 in an incident nothing to do with Celtic or indeed any football fans.

See both tweets below…



THE ACTUAL TRUTH proved the malicious intent in the above tweet.


The fake news tweeter above was replying to the dark arts fraudster who just last week set up a scam to steal over £2000 from Celtic supporters, claiming that he was going to use the money to fund a judicial review into the decade long cheating scandal that casts a huge shadow over Ibrox.

Some observers remain confused that a business set up in 2012 could have successfully won anything – either fairly or by cheating – in the years, decades and indeed century before Charles Green created a new football club to play at Ibrox.

His fraud was widely applauded on Rangers social media pages.


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