Celtic visited Sunderland for the 20th anniversary of their stadium, The Stadium of Light, opening. 

Goals from Jonny Hayes, Calum McGregor (3) and Stuart Armstrong saw a makeshift Celtic XI outclass Sunderland ahead of their match on Wednesday in Trondheim.

Celtic were fortunate to have a following estimated at around 8,000 in the North East for the fixture and the local CSC was happily taken in to local Sunderland AFC pubs. 

The stadium saw the incredible vocal backing towards Celtic from their fans and they were given much to shout about. 

The jovial atmosphere represented the friendly match for the vast majority; however, some minor clashes occurred for a small minority of both sets of fans.

Before kick off, Celtic fans drank on a pub in Dundas Street before a swarm of supposed Sunderland ‘fans’ charged in and forced the Celtic boys to the street where photos and videos were taken. The local newspaper seemed to know where the trouble would be and many known fascists will have been in the violent mob attacking the away support.

One Celtic supporter is in hospital after having his head stamped on repeatedly. 

Fascist fud Tommy Robinson, the far-right activist, was stirring up violence all day by posting provocative messages towards the Celtic and far-left supporters who approached the shop where he was working, wearing a Rangers top. 

Images are available of some Celtic supporters gathering outside the Fletchers shop where he based himself for the day. 

The MSM may attempt to have a go at the Celtic support but there has been little sign of trouble between the two sets of fans, most of whom are completely unaware of the trouble.

Celtic fans have been targeted today by the English far right, whose so called leader tried in every way possible – including insulting Celtic supporting females – to provoke the support into a major confrontation. 

His actions should now be a matter for the police. 

Reporting from the match at Sunderland where Celtic prepared for Norway by putting five past the English. 


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