Celtic fans urged to boo Lawwell on Flag Day!



One of these men was branded ‘a devious, arrogant, uncompromising dictator’ by the Record Sport team. The other one is Bashar al-Assad!

Celtic supremo Peter Lawwell was yesterday branded “devious, dictatorial and arrogant” by the Record Sport team. 

The justified personal attack came as the recent Supreme Court ruling on the EBTs opened the door to unscrupulous tax inspectors claiming back public money from loyal servants to the glorious Rangers*.

Lawwell sneered as it became evident that the Gers had issued contract side letters in order to claim a sporting advantage, a ruling that Lord Nimmo Smith was able to dodge due to the magnificent skill of Scottish football’s governing bodies. In an increasingly bitter battle between the Rangers* and truth & justice, the Gers seem to be losing ground. To redress the balance, we put the spotlight on Lawwell, a man who has openly failed to condemn the infamous Brighton bombing of 1984. He hasn’t been asked his opinion on this but his likely response would come as no surprise to anyone.

Our diligent investigative reporter said.”He was frequently at ease answering the precise questions posed and I formed the impression of a rather devious individual. I had the clear impression of an uncompromising and somewhat arrogant CEO who expected unquestioning compliance with his instructions and unfailing deference to his views.”

Those wishing to keep abreast of the latest fabulous campaign should follow @DisbandGb on Twitter.

See our full-colour 8 page ‘That time the Gers reached the ’semi-final’ of the European Cup’ pull-out inside.

Theresa May set to chair emergency COBRA meeting!

In response to a very recent intelligence report compiled by Record Sport, the Prime Minister is set to chair an emergency gathering of Cabinet Ministers to counter a new threat to our national security.

In a pre-emptive move, the Daily Record has sent a report to Downing St which lists the indicators of a growing threat to our 
Scottish culture & identity.

In a sinister new move, the Green Brigade has been strapping Celtic banners to vulnerable 14-15 year old children in an effort to annoy the fans of every other (but mainly Rangers*) football club. These outrageous actions can only de-stabilise the mighty Gers’ stronghold on the Scottish game.

These Lawwell-sanctioned manoeuvres are precisely what this country doesn’t need at the moment as the most successful club in world football is on the verge of re-establishing itself at the top of the Scottish pile!

Record Sport would like to thank @DisbandGb for their help in this matter.


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