FORMER Rangers striker Kris Boyd has used his newspaper column to enter the row started by the Ibrox Chairman Dave King.

The Kilmarnock striker has branded Dave King LUDICROUS after he claimed Celtic hadn’t won six-in-a-row.

King argued that Celtic have clinched just TWO titles because the other four league flags were won when Rangers were playing in the lower divisions of Scottish football.

However Boyd was quick to tell King he was being ludicrous.

“Dave King’s statement is the most ludicrous I’ve ever read. It doesn’t matter if Rangers have been in the league or not,” he said.

“Celtic have been champions and won six-in-a-row — end of story.


“You can’t rewrite history and bend the rules just because Rangers were not in the league for four years,” Boyd stated.

“Celtic HAVE won six-in-a-row. It’s not their fault Rangers weren’t there to challenge them. For King to say anything else is just wrong.

“I cannot for the life of me work out where he gets this logic from,”Boyd continued.

And Boyd reckons he’s spotted a trend in regard to King’s occasional silly outburst.

“Then again it doesn’t surprise me with him because he’s prone to making big, bold outbursts at this time of year — when he’s looking to sell season tickets.

“The past week should have been all about the positive things going on at Ibrox with the end of Mike Ashley, fresh investment and Rangers jerseys flying off the shelves.

“But Dave King’s new comments have overshadowed everything,” Boyd concluded.

So how would this be received from the Ibrox support? We thought we’d have a look on one of the Rangers forums….

Well this guy seems to be in the minority by actually agreeing with Boyd. He wrote:

“Boyd telling the truth. How anyone can find any shred of truth or common sense in Kings statement is beyond me. Ended a great week for the club on a low note. I just don’t understand what he though he would achieve.”

There was plenty of abuse, much of it of a vulgar sexual nature, but we’ll have to ignore that. This was a less offensive insult directed at Boyd:

“Kris, eat a Monster Munch. You turn into a right Diva when you’re hungry.”


Then there are plenty who reckons that Boyd has a vendetta against King due to a previous statement made by the controversial Rangers Chairman:

“Boyd has nothing good to say about the club or King he could’ve used his column to praise King in winning a monumental fight with Ashley that was the last big hurdle in getting our club running properly. No he has a pop at King maybe still bitter at King for binning him.”

This next guy reckons that the vast majority, if not all, the Rangers support are being King on this. That’s an interesting point as when the story broke on Saturday evening the majority of the Rangers fans commenting were expressing very negative opinions on what King said. That thread was quickly binned though!

“Ended the week on a low note? Away and gees peace. What a ridiculous thing to come away with, I haven’t heard one single Rangers fan suggest the week has ended on a low note.”

Here’s another few guys remembering the dig King had at Boyd previously…

“Boyd doesn’t like King, it all goes back to pre season 2 years ago when King criticised the overall quality/fitness of the squad. I remember Boyd being annoyed about it at the time. He alludes to it in this article.”

and this one..

“Of course what Kris failed to acknowledge is that King was spot on and his fitness in that season was a disgrace.”

A few more did agree with Boyd though, but they are clearly in the minority…

“Finding it hard to disagree with Boyd. Ridiculous statement from DK.”


“Hearing our chairman talking nonsense on the back of a fantastic week does irk me a little yes. Their titles aren’t tainted either. They won them fair and square. They beat whatever was in front of them, of course it would’ve probably been more difficult if we were still in the league, but that again isn’t their problem.”






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