The Need for Checks and Balances in Scottish Football – Introducing the Scottish Football Supporters Association. (SFSA)….

In the light of the SFA President’s unfortunate remarks in the MSM, relegating every Scottish football club other than Celtic or Rangers to support role status, the need for checks and balances on the thinking at the SFA (and SPFL) is never more evident.


The capacity to introduce such checks and balance simply does not exist, so it needs to be created.

This blog on Scottish Football Monitor  https://www.sfm.scot/time-to-make-things-happen/ is important in that it shows that there are people out there working to this end, who are engaged in finding workable solutions to our problems – solutions which must involve the major stakeholders in football, the fans (or customers as most boardrooms would have it) of all clubs, particularly the ones most damaged by events in the past 5 years.

The people involved in finding solutions at The SFSA are well-connected and not without influence, but most importantly they seek to give fans a greater voice in the game – and they do not represent a paid-for voice with a seat at the SFA table or a funding source that depends to a large extent on saying nothing when fan interests are damaged.


Through the SFSA plans which will unfold in the coming weeks, supporters of all clubs will be able to check the McCrae duopoly as a business model for Scottish football and in doing so not only create more balance but make those running Scottish football know they are directly accountable to the paying customer.

The duopoly is a failed model that has seriously damaged our game and destroyed trust in those charged with its governance and to return to it is a form of insanity for all clubs.

If you want to see real change in how our game is governed you can join the SFSA direct via this link http://scottishfsa.org/ or if you want to know why the SFSA offer the best opportunity for real change read the SFM blog first. https://www.sfm.scot/time-to-make-things-happen/  then, if persuaded, please join.



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