RANGERS manager Pedro Caixinha today spoke about his frustration that the Ibrox dressing room leaks are continuing despite his best efforts to shut them down.

Yesterday’s news that veterans Clint Hill and Philippe Senders had been told they were not getting contract extensions and would be leaving at the end of the month, was not supposed to be common knowledge.

And now Caixinha has vowed to root out those leaking internal Rangers information which he regards as ‘destabilising’ for the Ibrox club.

“We need to identify who is leaking and then seal it,” he said.

“We are a big club and a big club cannot have this sort of behaviour.

“We are ruled and managed from inside out – but our way, not the other way around.

“When I stay here, that is the way we are going to behave and work.

“No leaks, no leaks. That is a point we definitely need to understand.

“The leaks are not destabilising for myself.

“It’s something I don’t like but I keep doing my job.”


Caixinha is still finding his feet in the Scottish game after replacing Mark Warburton in the Ibrox hot seat, but he’s seen this type of behaviour before and doesn;t like it one little bit.

As assistant to the then-Sporting Lisbon manager Jose Peseiro (2004 and 2006), Caixinha realised that the top club in the country at that time, Porto, had a much more professional way of dealing with internal business.

Perhaps he has Celtic in mind and plans to run the Ibrox business affairs regarding players coming and going along similar lines to Brendan Rodgers over in the east end of the city.

“I found when I was working at Sporting Lisbon that things came out easy,” Caixinha revealed.

“Benfica rules Portuguese football nowadays. But back then it was Porto.

“I can tell you something – nothing comes out from Benfica unless they want it to be known. That is why they are successful.

“With Porto in those days, I used to remember they had a president who said when players were coming in or moving, ‘If something appeared in a newspaper and I’m dealing with you, our deal is done. I’m not dealing with you’.

“I found that a very good principle and they were successful. I try to follow successful people, not the opposite.”


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