VETERAN striker Kenny Miller is planning for the day he quits playing and turns his attention to the dug-out.
However, the 37-year-old Rangers striker, who is out of contract in the summer, isn’t quite ready to hang up his boots any time soon.
Miller said: “I love football, I always have done and for me coaching and management will be the next step.

“That is, hopefully, well down the line, but I have played under some top managers, all with different attributes.

“Whether I had or I hadn’t, I would always have looked to stay in the game. It is in my blood.

“That is why I have gone through my badges so far.
“Lee Wallace will tell you we sit with the salt shakers and bottles of water every morning and we move them about in formations and talk about the game, where he should have been and what he should have done.

“I want to stay in the game, I want to help, I want to stay at this club.
“Hopefully that is a few years down the line, but that is definitely the next step.”
Miller added: “Davie Weir played until he was 41 but he still says play as long as you can because there is no substitute for it.
“I am 37 and that is not old. It is old in football terms and I appreciate that, but I don’t feel that much different from how I did five, six, seven years ago.
“There is no reason why I can’t continue playing on for a while yet.”

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