ANN BUDGE this morning introduced Hearts’ new management team of Ian Cathro and Austin McPhee at a press conference at Tynecastle.
And the new Hearts Head Coach Ian Cathro has promised to put “no limits” on the ambition of the Tynecastle outfit.
At 30, he is the youngest manager in the history of the Premiership and is joined at the Edinburgh club by Austin MacPhee as his No 2.
Cathro said: “At a point down the line, I would like us to remove any limit as to what we can achieve.cy_hjmpwgaaldlj
“I’m somebody who believes that, just because something hasn’t happened in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future.

“It’s obvious that I believe that, because I’m sitting here in front of you telling it. And that’s something that some people probably wouldn’t believe.

“But I’m here. I deserve to be here. And I believe that we’re going to have a good time.’

Cathro’s appointment has been criticised by some who believe his lack of a playing background will make it impossible for him to cope with managing a squad of professionals.

The coach – lured from Rafa Benitez’s backroom staff at Newcastle United – insisted: “All I’ve ever done is be very clear on what I want to achieve, worked hard and put myself in situations that forced me to grow, forced me to evolve – and become better equipped to lead.

“Leadership is the most natural thing to me. Obviously, I’ve never been in that position, but the way I do my work, the way I live my life, that’s very natural to me.

“The most important thing was making sure it was the right place and environment. This is it.

“Yes, this will be my biggest challenge, but I think, given what I’ve done, I’m more prepared now for this challenge than I have been for previous challenges.

“This is a natural thing, it was going to come at some point. I’m very glad it’ s come now at this time, in this place, with the people surrounding the club as a support structure.”


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