THE RANGERS big summer signing Joey Barton has been signed off with stress and has not been seen at the club’s training ground for nearly a week.
The 34-year-old midfielder returned to Ibrox last Thursday after a club-imposed suspension following a training ground bust-up in September.
Barton was involved in a flare-up with manager Mark Warburton and team-mate Andy Haiilday after the 5-1 defeat from Celtic at Parkhead.screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-15-17-09
It could be he is now heading out of the club on a permanent basis if a final settlement can be agreed.

Despite the Ibrox outfit saying “appropriate training arrangements would be made for him as long as he remains a Rangers player”, he lasted just one day before receiving a sick-note from his doctor.

The former England international was initially suspended for three weeks, before that was extended by club bosses.

Barton has played only eight games for the Glasgow side since signing a two-year contract in May when he quit Burnley at the end of his contract.

Barton is believed to be on around £24k per week at Ibrox and this is money that the club can ill afford. Rangers will be desperate to find a solution to this financial drain on their resources as it is believed Mark Warburton has told the board that he will not select the former Burnley man again.

Warburton was conspicuous by his absence when Barton signed in a high profile move in the summer, as speculation swept the city that the player was a board selection, designed to sell season tickets, rather than a decision from Warburton’s football department. skysports-joey-barton-rangers-scottish-premiership_3804632

Rangers fans have been quick to react, with one saying:

“This whole thing has been a shambles, still can’t help but feel Barton has been made a scapegoat after the shambolic start to the season by the whole team and culminated in a doing at the (Celtic Park). It’s obvious he hasn’t physically assaulted anyone or he’d have been sacked weeks ago.

“The question remains, had Barton started the season playing well and being a stand out in the team would this ever have got to the stage it’s at today? Personally I very much doubt it.”

One of his fellow supporters commented:

“Stress??? Barton has stress??? It us effin supporters who are the ones under stress, not some nancy boy scouser who hides when the going gets tough. Sports can cause a lot of stress, LAWeekly has a very good article about CBD which is a component of cannabis that is used for medical purposes like stress relief.

Surely no one wants him back now after this stunt…?”

Another Rangers fan had this to say:

“What a disaster of a signing, between his mouthing off how good he was, not being able to train in America with the team because of his criminal record, which obviously impacted on how he performed in the handful of games he actually played! To the way we’ve handled the whole situation since the 5-1 game.

“Now we have to pay this charlatan off, to get rid of him. I can’t think of a worse signing. Finally put an end to the dreamers amongst us who thought we could actually get a fee for him.”



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