GRAEME SOUNESS has warned Scotland that the English will be as fired up for Friday’s Wembley World Cup qualifier as Gordon Strachan’s men – because they love beating us as much we love beating them.

The former Scots skipper shared a Liverpool dressing room with the likes of Phil Neal, Phil Thomson and Terry McDermott and they let him know how much it meant to them to win the battle of the Auld Enemy.

And more than 30 years on, Souness, who captained Scotland to victory over the English at Hampden in 1985, believes nothing has changed.

He said: “There is a misconception that Scotland are more passionate about this fixture than the English are.

“I could not separate Rangers v Celtic from Scotland v England in terms of atmosphere.

“I was playing against Phil Neal, who was really bitter against us. And so was Terry Mac. They were my team-mates, but they used to try to kick me.

“However, we were bitter towards them, too. They, unfortunately, beat us more often than we beat them.

“Certainly, the most intense game I’ve ever played in was the Old Firm, but Scotland v England was up there, too, even if it is a different kind of game.

“Captaining Scotland to a win over them was right up there with anything I did in my career.”

Speaking of the players respective bosses Gordon Strachan and Gareth Southgate have at their disposal, Souness said: “We are a modest group. But England are a modest group, as well.

“England, historically, have always had one or two players who would get into the Argentina or Germany teams, but they don’t have that right now.

“It’s two modest groups of players. Can Scotland go to Wembley and win? Yes, they can.

“Are they likely to do it? No, they are not, but you can’t write them off.”

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