RANGERS legend Willie Henderson fears his old club might be powerless to halt Celtic’s surge to 10-in-a-row.

The ex-international outside-right, a great friend of Hoops’ Greatest-Ever Player Jimmy Johnstone, reckons Brendan Rodgers’ side could be unstoppable.

Henderson said: “Stopping Celtic just now I simply can’t see. Until the investor – if there’s one out there – wants to come along and put a lot of money into Rangers, then there’s going to be slow progress.

“You’ve got a situation where Brendan Rodgers has taken over and it’s fairly easy to see that they’re in a different position now to what they were in the last couple of years.

“The fact they brought Rodgers in, how he’s got things organised, the players he’s got, some are getting £40,000-a-week.

“If someone is on £40,000 and someone is getting £7,000, you’re going to get better players.

“I think the fact they brought Rodgers in, the juggernaut will be hard to stop on the way to 10 under the present situation at Ibrox.

”Last week, I thought the Rangers goalkeeper, Matt Gilks, played really well against Celtic in the League Cup semi-final.

“I think the result, if we’re being realistic with Celtic big favourites, I don’t think it was a surprise they beat us.

“The fact they only won 1-0 was down to a tremendous game from the goalkeeper.

“I think we’ve got a long way to go. Man for man, Celtic are the better team, so it’s going to be difficult for awhile.

“Rangers are not going to win the league. I think it’s a case of saying things you never thought you would say. But you need to be realistic at this stage. To get second, I think would be great.

“Winning the league? How high is Mount Everest? Very high!”


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