St.Mirren fans given deadline on bid to buy club



St Mirren fans have just days left to sign up to a scheme which could see them become the latest Scottish club to move into fan ownership.

The St Mirren Independent Suppoorters’ Association (SMISA) has teamed up with former club director Gordon Scott on a joint offer already accepted in principle by the consortium selling a majority shareholding.

The trust needs to sign up 1,000 members at a minimum of £12 per month for the deal to be viable – and are more than two-thirds of the way there.

As of the end of May, almost 700 people had signed up in just six weeks of fundraising. But with other bidders on the scene the deal needs to be completed this summer – and SMISA have called an end date of Thursday 19 June to hit the target.

The joint SMISA/Gordon offer is loosely based on the successful model run by Ann Budge and the Foundation of Hearts.

Gordon is putting up the bulk of the money needed to fund the deal, which would see him become majority shareholder and chairman, while the fans would get a director on the board.

SMISA would also have a legal agreement giving them exclusive right to buy the shares Gordon buys now within 10 years and thus bring about majority fan ownership.

Membership starts at £12 per month, with a £25 per month option, and a premium package offering ten years of membership and other exclusive benefits for a one-off payment of £2,500. For more information and to sign up, visit www.smisa.net

SMISA chair George Adam MSP said: “We have had a fantastic reaction from fans, with hundreds signing up the first couple of weeks of fundraising, and we want to thank all of those who have done so to date.

“A team of us have been working hard behind the scenes on this bid for a year now – but its success now rests on what happens in the month of June.

“We have a ticking clock against which to get the numbers we need to make this deal viable. If we don’t we won’t get the chance again.

“For the price of a pint a week, St Mirren fans have it in their hands to take control of the future of their club and everything it means to this community, and preserve it for future generations.”

Gordon Scott said: “The current board deserve a lot of credit for all they have done over the years – but one way or another they are going to sell up and move on.

“St Mirren fans have a simple choice – either be part of what are doing and build the future of our club together, or leave that future entirely to chance.

“It would be a life-defining achievement for me to become chairman of the club I have supported since I was a boy.

“My aim is simple – work with the fans and the community to give St Mirren the fresh ideas it needs, get the club back into the top league where it belongs, and hand it over to the fans to safeguard forever.”

Written by Colin Orr


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