The last days of Saigon: RST style


With communist forces encircling and tightening the noose around Saigon, the last days of the capital of South Vietnam was upon the panic-stricken residents. US Helicopters flew sorties to fly US citizens, military personnel and partisan South Vietnamese out to the safety of warships off the coast.

In a similar fashion, we are watching the last days of the Rangers Supporters Trust as the official fan group try to please another club owner – hoping that this one won’t have their wicked way with them and not call them in the morning.

They may have dropped their knickers for the promise of riches beyond compare FROM Craig Whyte and then Charles Green, but they have now struck gold with Dave King as he is Richard Gere to their Julia Roberts. It’s all so Pretty Woman-esque. So Romantic.

Giving up 13 years of ‘work’ to have a slight whiff of a place in the board room. If only the RST spokesperson Chris Graham had not shown his true racist and bigoted colours with his anti-Muslim caricature, maybe they would actually have had a fan representative on the board that all Rangers fans could be proud of – rather than representing the small minority of hate-filled individuals that swim in the gutter.

The scandal that saw the Muslim community condemn Rangers ‘two-day director’ cost the fans their place on the Rangers board – a position they had been craving for decades. In a blink of an eye that position disappeared, along with the transparency that Dave King promised the fans as he ousted the previous board without having to dig for that pound coin down the back of his sofa. Hope he declared that cash to the South African Revenue Service.

The demise of the RST along with Rangers First will lead to one ‘super group’ Club 1872 – not as catchy as Abba is it? – which means the club fronted by South African-based Dave King will be able to handle this solitary group with the likes of Rangers First director & company secretary James Blair and other Pro-King stalwarts in its ranks. No conflict of interest there at all. I wonder how many years it will take members to realise that they just bent over for a third ‘messiah’?

The RST’s aims, according to their website, was to ‘encourage and facilitate supporters of Rangers FC to buy and hold share in the club in order to influence future decisions’. Recently, the RST have faced allegations of ‘blazer-chasing’ and doing all they can to secure a club blazer forgetting that they represent the supporters of the club rather than themselves.

Chris Graham’s appointment to the board of the RST, after his shameful and disgraceful departure from the Rangers board after two days, proves with this one solitary action that this group is nothing short of a hate-filled band of knuckledraggers who do more harm than good to the Ibrox side.

With their last few dying breath they are turning their hate filled bile onto individuals they detest with a passion – whether they label them relevant or not. For the past two days alone they have targeted myself at a time when news of their failed bid to get journalist Jim Spence sacked from the Evening Telegraph through a complaint made to IPSO.

A nice piece of deflection happening at RST HQ and one with which their cockroach followers are lapping up – just like they did with Craig ‘Wealth aff the radar’ Whyte and Charles ‘Dallas Cowboys commercial deal’ Green.

If only the RST had put in as much effort at buying shares in Rangers pre-liquidation and increasing their membership [which struggles to even reach half of my twitter following – currently trust membership is at 6250]– then maybe the history of Rangers FC would have been different these past five years.

Sadly, their penchant for trying to shame Celtic and other clubs everytime Rangers hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, coupled with defending the singing of the Famine Song and the Billy Boys paints a picture of a group that lives in the dark ages of our game and never taking responsibility for its own fanbase, its own members and its own committee. Hopefully, Club 1872 will rid itself of the RST element sooner rather than later – otherwise it will fill the plot beside ‘traditional Rangers’, the RST and Rangers First.

At a time that this group of ‘Rangers fans’ should be celebrating winning the second tier league title at the second time of asking and a cup final to win a cup competition for the first time after three previous failed attempts – surely they should be focusing their attentions on this? Surely that would benefit Rangers more than their own personal agendas and hatred?

Where can I send the funeral wreath when the RST carcass is buried for good? How many of the blazer chasing committee members will survive the race to secure seats on that last helicopter departing RST HQ?


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Andy Muirhead is the Editor of Scotzine and the Scottish Football fanzine FITBA. He is the Scottish Football columnist for The Morning Star and has written for a number of other publications including ESPN, Huffington Post UK, BT Life's a Pitch and has had his work featured in the Daily Record, The Scotsman and the Daily Mail.

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