Referee Craig Thomson is useless but does it goes deeper?


There are many things wrong with Scottish Football and it doesn’t take a £4m facial recognition system to work them out, but then if the powers that drag our game down can hide behind this then it lets them pretend in their own mind they are fixing our ills.

As a sport we don’t make it easy for backers to get involved, even in the past month, we have had the Scottish FA assume that Hamilton will just open their gates without the courtesy of a knock at the door and also the SPFL’s shameful treatment of St.Johnstone fans over cup semi-final tickets. Add in pyrotechnics, offensive singing and the lack of progression in European and international competitions, it doesn’t take a high court judge to rule that we need to sort the game out.

Accountability is something that doesn’t exist in Scottish Football as we all know and that needs to change, I mean who on earth is responsible for appointing Craig Thomson to this weekend’s Scottish Cup tie?

Look at his record of refereeing Hibernian games and then look at Hearts games, in the now infamous cup final, whilst the game was poised at 0-0 he missed a blatant elbow to the head by a key Hearts player to a key Hibs player. A Straight red card was the only option. At 2-1, he awarded a penalty for a foul that was clearly some distance outside the box and then found his red card.

To compound matters, he then had his picture taken with a smug grin as a Hearts fan posed with their 5-1 finger gesture. Let’s be clear if this happened in an Old Firm game and he did the same, the outcry would have resulted in him never refereeing that club’s games again let along a derby. Does the name Dougie MacDonald ring a bell?

How many clubs would put up with this? Guaranteed Hearts would have kicked off if it was the other way around, but not Hibernian.

The Hibernian chairman, Rod Petrie, is also the Vice President of the SFA and he clearly won’t piss inside his favoured tent. Petrie has never cared about the Hibernian fans and like the Scottish FA they don’t care for any fans. They are an inconvenience to the blazers, they moan and want change.

We hear the clubs are the Scottish FA, well the fans are the clubs, the fans should control the game and take it back.

But let’s finish on this weekend, Hibernian were already big underdogs facing a massive challenge and it just got significantly worse.

Thomson will continue to be utterly useless with the usual allegations of being blatantly biased in favour of Hearts being banded about also.

Watch the first few challenges, watch the first bookings and what way they go against. It is an embarrassment given his previous, that Thomson would again be ‘rewarded’ with such a high profile game especially one in which he is alleged to favour one side over the other.

Promotion is key for Hibernian and there is a cup final already to look forward to, but no matter what he does Thomson will always be hated in Leith but he won’t care a toss and again the fans suffer.

Written by Robert Skinner


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