Ally McCoist finally walks away from Rangers


Ally McCoist has finally walked away from Rangers after being placed on ‘gardening leave’ since last December after he came to an agreement with the club to terminate his contract.

The former Rangers manager’s contract was set to expire in December, however it has now been terminated three months early after a deal was struck between both parties.

Rangers chairman Dave King, at a press conference, said: “Ally remains one of the most significant figures in this club’s history. His contribution on and off the pitch should not be forgotten or devalued.

“Agreement could have been reached earlier but it has been difficult for us to get an opportunity to sit together and talk everything through. We have done that now and we are grateful for Ally’s continued consideration for the club by accepting early termination- which he was under no obligation to do.

“It’s nice to have it behind us in the sense that there seemed to be an issue. I think I said repeatedly – there shouldn’t really be an issue. Our view has always been that Rangers Football Club has had a contract with Ally McCoist.

“Ally very generously previously worked for free during a difficult time for the club. He then worked for half-price during a difficult time for the club.

“He then moved on and had every right to enforce his contract.

“It was obviously developing as an issue and I reached out to Ally on my last trip to Scotland at the end of July and said, ‘Listen, Ally – shouldn’t we be sitting down and seeing if we can’t do something here?’

“He was very receptive, very open to that. He chatted to me about some issues I wasn’t aware of such as the labour legislation. I said, ‘Ally, that’s fine. Go find out all the things you need to know. Let’s figure it out, let’s stay in touch and when I’m back again on this trip let’s get together and see if we can reach an agreement’.

“We met (on Wednesday) and reached agreement in about four or five minutes. We’re delighted and delighted that Ally has been generous enough to agree to the termination of the contract on commercial terms which are favourable to the club.

“I don’t know if he’s got another job to go to. I heard there is a possibility of that.

“But my real focus was on the Rangers situation. Could we do something that recognises the service Ally has given over the years. Ally is a hero, our all-time greatest goalscorer. We look forward having him and his mum back in the directors’ box. It’s where he belongs. I’m pleased it’s now resolved.”

A statement by McCoist added: “The greatest honour in my career [managing Rangers]. It was the dream job but in a nightmare scenario. I am absolutely delighted the club now has a stable Board and that the good work off the pitch is being equalled by the performances on it.

“Most of all I want to express my gratitude to Rangers fans everywhere. They were superb and they backed me and my staff. They also stood firm when their club was in dire straits and even at the bleakest moments they did not flinch.

“They are the heart and soul of this club and no one should ever forget that. Quite simply they are the best.”

McCoist will always be remembered as one of Rangers’ greatest ever players, but his time as manager is a tainted one and his managerial legacy will be as one of the worst Rangers’ manager in the club’s history despite the excuses peddled by some of his friends in the media.

He may have had to deal with the club going into administration and subsequently liquidation before starting life again in Division Three – but he could not hide behind the excuses of off-field troubles last season for the team’s poor performances and with Hearts romping to the title his time was up.


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