Hibernian fan blog: Allan’s agent has let him down


Scott Allan will not play for Rangers this season. I can almost guarantee that. Hibs can’t and won’t sell him to them.

I’d go as far to say Scott Allan won’t play for Rangers in the next couple of years either. And the only person he has to blame?

His agent. Alan Houldsworth.

Allan has just completed a fantastic season in his book. For the first time in his career he played in over 30 games in a season, albeit only in the second tier of Scottish football and was about to embark on another campaign with Hibernian.

Pre-season had went well, Allan was in the condition of his career and he had added another string to his bow. Two goals in three games in pre-season encounters following up on his wish to score more goals. Another wish of his was to re-pay Alan Stubbs and Hibernian for having the faith in him and giving him a platform to play football on.

Speaking at the end of June, Allan told Sky Sports: “I’m a Hibs player, I have a year left on my contract and I am looking forward to the start of the season here.”

In these few weeks since Allan spoke bullishly about himself, the management of Alan Stubbs and the home he’d made for himself at Easter Road.

He has had his ear turned, he’s been badly advised by an agent who cares only about himself and has been left, once again, in the football wilderness.

By handing in a transfer request on Tuesday afternoon he’s more or less accepted being out of the game for a year.

A third year in four where he won’t be playing any competitive football unless he manages to show Stubbs and the club that he should still be starting every week, which I highly doubt he will be able to do.

Stubbs will already be thinking about his replacement, he may already have a couple in mind and I am sure Allan will know exactly who’s boss in that situation.

Let’s take a step back a few weeks and say it really IS the dream of Scott Allan to play for his ‘boyhood heroes’ then all he had to do was keep his head down and do what he was doing best, play football. He would have been able to go to Rangers for nothing, in fact he would have been able to go to far bigger clubs than Rangers if he performed as he did last season with more consistency.

I think he knew that himself so in these last two to three weeks something has changed.

The Rangers interest is a weird one for me, they know they can’t afford him but they also didn’t want Hibs to have him.

The furore in the mainstream Scottish press about Hibs holding the boy back and not letting him sign is pathetic. Why on earth would anyone sell their most talented player to their main rivals for the league title?

It just wouldn’t happen.

The Rangers part in all this is disgusting, the fact it’s been overlooked is disgraceful but the agent’s role in this has left me completely disillusioned with the game.

I am not naive enough to solely believe a player’s word when it comes to staying at a particular club, there’s no loyalty in football anymore but having heard Allan speak at supporters functions and in the press I know he loved his time at Easter Road.

He was appreciative of the chance we gave him to rebuild his floundering career, he was delighted with the care and understanding he was treated with by the footballing department and the sports science department in relation to his illness – Type 1 diabetes and he had a great rapport with the supporters on and off the field.

He’s a talented boy if only slightly inconsistent but in his year at Hibernian he played 40 matches in all, scoring two goals, assisting a further 17 and completing 3070 minutes of first team football.

In his previous five years playing professional football he had only played 70 games altogether. Hardly startling figures in that time-span.

So why go and ruin all of last season’s hard work by handing in a transfer request which will not only see him gain less money from any potential but also, very likely, prevent him from playing any meaningful games for his current club and furthermore probably rule out any ‘hope’ he had of turning out for Rangers.

Rangers: They’ll simply move on to another target – one they can afford. They’ll bring in someone cheaper, someone less effective. They’ve done what they set-out to do though and that was to stop him playing for Hibs. They knew how strong Hibs were looking and needed to rock the boat whilst placating their gullible fans. ‘Oh look we tried to get Allan but Hibs were the big bad guys’. Mission accomplished!

Alan Houldsworth: Has played a deplorable game with his most valuable asset. He has tried to maximise upon a talent which finally started to show what it could do last year. He’s thought ‘I can make a few quid here’ and to hell with the consequences. Unfortunately that’s the name of the game now but why on earth ruin a talented young guy’s career like this? Despicable and I hope football does something about these agents sooner rather than later.

Scott Allan: If he had any principles he would have told his agent to shove it, played well, earned his move and international honours. Now he comes across as a liar and your average footballer. I’ll refrain from saying too much as he was the most talented player I’ve seen at the club since Russell Latapy but Scott, you’re not bigger than Hibs. Simple as that and you are about to find out the hard way.

Hibernian: Finally a club to proud of. Standing up to relentless bullying. Standing up to a club who forgets they aren’t what they used to be. Standing up to idiot players and scumbag agents. Well done to you Hibs. Go and identify a replacement as soon as possible, re-group and go and win the league. They started this battle but make damn sure that Hibernian win the war.

Leave Scott Allan in the stand, let’s see the condition he’s in after yet another year on the sidelines. He’s made his bed, let him lie it.

A talented boy who’s been used as pawn by a rival football club and an agent yet, ironically, under Stubbs’ guidance he was on his way to becoming a valuable piece within the Scottish footballing jigsaw.


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