Dave King: For every fiver Celtic spend we will spend….. oh wait!

    1. David Murray promised Rangers fans in 2000, ‘For every five pounds Celtic spend, we will spend ten’. Jump 15 years and Dave King has uttered ‘For every five pounds Celtic spend Mk2’.

With comments that are surely set to anger some elements of the Rangers support, Rangers chairman Dave King claimed that the Ibrox side will never be as big as Celtic – until they outspend their rivals.

The Rangers fans are currently boycotting all official merchandise until Sportsdirect are forced to renegotiate terms with the Ibrox club. But King warned the jackals – who he once used to do his bidding – that no matter how much he and the other investors put into Rangers, the club will not be sustainable or even be able to challenge city rivals Celtic without their money.

In an interview with Sky Sports, King claimed: “In terms of how the retail contract is structured, it is not working for the club and, in my view, cannot be working for Sports Direct either. At the moment, the fans are of the mind that the current arrangement does not support the club. People are very concerned that by buying Rangers merchandise or other memorabilia they are supporting Sports Direct more than they are supporting Rangers.

“The Rangers supporters have consistently, for more than a century, spent more money in supporting their club than any other team in Scotland. They have outspent Celtic and that’s why Rangers have been the number one club over time. If we can’t get the supporters back to outspending the Celtic supporters and I put that simply, we will be the second biggest club in Scotland.

“If we go to Sports Direct and say that ‘you have a contract with our football club where the terms of the contract, for whatever reason, are not working Rangers and we believe it is not working for Sports Direct.

“Rangers fans still support the club, even in tough times. They have a reason in their minds as to why they shouldn’t be doing it, but they actually want to do it. We have got to realign what they want to do, with why they should do it as well and that’s the gap that I’ve got to bridge.”

One point in relation to King’s comments about Rangers fans spending more in supporting their club than any other team in Scotland. And that is the reason why Rangers have been the number one club over time.



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No one wanted to touch Rangers with a barge pole over their potential liability to HMRC and that was down to Murray’s hard-on for spending beyond the clubs means to buy glory with the help of bank loans secured against parent company Murray International Holdings and its subsidiaries.

The EBT scheme allowed Rangers to sign players that they could not normally afford without helping their new players avoid paying tax on their sizeable wages and bonus payments.

But now King wants to splash the cash once more – not his cash of course but the fans – who have reportedly bought 21,500 season tickets in the space of a three week period. As always it is the fans who are called to dig deep while the money men keep their cash in their pockets and Dave King is no different.



The South African-based businessman is facing increasing calls to invest more of his own cash into the club. With only £1.5 million moving between his bank and the club’s bank.

King added: “Myself and my co-investors have agreed to reimburse any shortfall that the club may have while it is rebuilding itself and we have done that. Rangers Football Club will only be the number one club in Scotland again when the Rangers fans start outspending the Celtic fans.

“If the Rangers fans stop doing that, or continue to withhold the funds, they will never be as big as Celtic. No matter whether an investor puts in money or not, we are not sustainable without the supporters.”

King’s rhetoric is increasingly focusing on the fans stumping up the cash rather than investing himself. Those Rangers fans who rounded on the previous boards rose up at the slightest hint of wrong doing or not doing what the fans demanded of them. But these jackals were hand reared by King himself to do his bidding while he was living the life of luxury with his 35,000 bottles of wine in his cellar – built up by dodgy paying tax to the South African tax authorities for over a decade.

If he is the good Rangers man as some call him – how is it he claimed he cannot watch Rangers matches in South Africa? Knowing fine well that Rangers TV is broadcast worldwide through the internet. Or the fact that his chairmanship is nothing more than a title, a figurehead, a face and mouthpiece for the fans to listen and believe in – with Murray te one acting more like a chairman than King is.

So while some may be taken in by King – surely there are Rangers fans out there who are now seeing King for what he really is?

A glib and shameless liar.


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