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In his first blog for Scotzine, Chris Smith looks at adidas’ decision to end their Predators range. The end of an era.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye – no matter how you say it, we’ve only gone and lost the adidas Predators forever. Controversial? Yes of course it is, but don’t go throwing your shin guards away in anger just yet…

You see, the folk at adidas were inspired by something Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola recently said. He mentioned how he thought the modern game only had two kinds of player: a control player that works hard for the team and dictates the play, tempo and style of a side.

The other was the chaos player – the one who plays on instinct and raw talent. Decisions are made in a split-second and on his day, there’s almost no point in even trying to stop him.

This tickled adidas in the right so much, that they decided to do away with their entire boot range and start all over. Many would call them mad for such a bold move. After all, the Predator and F50 boots have become an institution in the modern game, with the Nitrocharge and 11Pro boots both having a cult following too.

But we’d be best to remember, some of the greatest moments in history would never have happened if everyone always took the safe, “sane” option. Imagine if the Wright brothers had thought flight was “a bit mental” and decided not to bother – the only person who’d be happy about that would be Dennis Bergkamp!


Ace reveal 26

So, the new boot range from adidas features only two styles – the adidas Ace15 and the X15. The Ace boot is your control option, featuring an upper that can only be said to resemble a spider’s web. The company have actually dubbed this the “Control Web” and it’s made from a composite of grippy EVA & lightweight performance material.

Although the Ace has not and will not be advertised as a direct replacement for any of the old boots, we can see a lot of Predator-loyal players switching over to the Ace. In fact, prominent Predator-wearer Mesut Özil will be wearing the Ace next season.


X reveal 26

So this just leaves us with the X15 boot – chaos! No defender, goalkeeper or manager wants the word chaos associated with their back line, but that’s just what adidas have designed these boots to do. The world’s best attack-minded players will be wearing the X range, hoping to make any backline’s day as chaotic as possible.

The X boots probably have less in common with the F50 than the Ace do with the Predator, but we can still see a lot of F50 fans switching to the X15. The boot is ultra-lightweight and features a compression fit around the ankle and numerous small rubber dots on the upper. The dots provide extra grip for close control and when striking the ball too.

Some of the top names in the game will be wearing the X15 boots next season, with the likes of Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Luis Suarez all pulling on a pair.

As always, Football Nation are keen to lead the way when it comes to stocking the latest boots. So you’ll be happy to know that we have all levels of the X & Ace boots in stock, from the pro-boot version down to the casual Sunday kickabout models.

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