Rangers fan blog: Stage Two of the Playoffs


Stage One of Six complete and I even got the score prediction right. There is a first time for everything I suppose. Now on to Stage Two with the return leg at Ibrox against the men from Dumfries.

Thanks to the board’s decision to peg attendances at a fiver there should be a bumper crowd….ah, memories.

Once again this could either be the nightmare of all nightmares with Queen of the South doing their usual free flowing excellence and rattling in a couple of quickies or we could get a strong, measured professional performance from Rangers with their experienced, highly paid, stars helping out the kids to a win.

My heart is filling with joy at McCall’s decision to give some of the youngsters a chance…..only three years overdue for the club.

We, like all Scottish clubs, will only ever be a selling club now, unless Mr Doncaster pulls in a decent TV deal (and for that he needs Scotland’s big team in the top division) so the emergence of Murdoch, Walsh etc is pleasing.

I am going for a 2-0 win for Rangers with goals by Law and Miller.


Speaking of Miller I read that he has invoked the clause in his contract to stay at Rangers for one more year. Whether I am happy with this or not depends on whether we go up or not. If we do go up I would be delighted to have him come on for the last 20 mins or so and grab a quick double. He would also help the youngsters along on the training ground, his work ethic is good…..unlike some.

If we don’t go up I want the youngsters to be given the full season to see what they can do, we will have tried two well paid experienced strikers and it obviously didn’t work.

We should be getting a decision soon on the fit and proper status of Mr King. Well if it’s good enough for the court of session then it is good enough for me, considering the crooks and charlatans we have had in the boardroom over the last three years Mr King is more proper than any if them, even with his numerous convictions.


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