Andy Dowie: All the pressure is on Rangers


Queen of the South defender Andy Dowie believes that all the pressure is on the Ibrox side ahead of Saturday’s playoff at Palmerston.

Dowie, claimed: “Going into any game of football there is pressure. But I can see that there is obviously much more pressure on Rangers because they need to get up whereas Queen of the South don’t. We have had two great results at Palmerston against them.

“I am not sure how much that will count for come Saturday but we will take positives from that and hopefully the games pan out the same.”

The 32-year-old defender questioned those focusing on the artificial pitch, he added: “They have played on artificial surfaces in a good amount of games this season and the last couple of seasons so you wouldn’t think so. But there has been a lot made of it and I don’t really understand why to be honest. It would be unfair to the Rangers team to say they didn’t fancy it but maybe looking at their performances, fans might think that.”

Despite beating Rangers twice already at Palmerston, Dowie dismissed the notion the Dumfries side are favourites, he continued: “Some people are saying we are favourites going into the game but we don’t see it that way. Rangers are still a massive club, a much bigger club than ourselves so we need to concentrate on ourselves and not worry about them too much. We probably need to go to Ibrox with some sort of lead so that will be the aim.”

“At the age of 32 there is not going to be many other opportunities [to play in the Premiership], I know that. It would be great for me personally to be back playing in the Premiership, and for the club. I am pleased that I will be here for next season. And even if I am still in the Championship, I will still look forward to it.”


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