Rangers Fan Blog: Time to give the kids a shot at glory


As the final week of the regular league season looms upon the horizon I had hoped it would have been all done and dusted for my team by now with promotion and the Championship clinched round about February.

Unfortunately I didn’t include Hearts in my thoughts and it is those Gorgie boys we have to face again on Saturday.

Hibs are in second place now and we need to beat the Jambos and hope for a typical Hibs crumble to regain second place and avoid a scarily brutal double header against Queen of the South.

The Doonhamers scare the crap out of me to be honest, we can’t seem to beat them, especially on their plastic pitch. I never thought I would see the day where a Rangers supporter dreaded a two legged play off with Queen of the South (no disrespect to them) but we are, as they say, where we are.

I could pretend that I don’t want us to get promoted this year, that another year in the Championship to develop and consolidate would be no bad thing, but if truth be told that would be horrendous in my opinion. We have to get back to the Premiership and we have to get back fighting for honours.

I know it will take years to compete with Celtic, Aberdeen and even ICT but another year in the championship is not what this particular blue-nose wants.

Number one priority for all Rangers fans just now, however, is to have stability and financial strength – not so we can spend loads of money on players like we used to do – but merely so we can survive and thrive.

The fans will come back now that we have a board who have the club’s interests at heart, there is no doubt about that and I am sure they would even return in numbers for another year in the championship if that were to happen but we all want to be back in the top league where we belong.

Hearts, Hibs, Queen of the South and Falkirk in particular have been worthy opponents this year and they deserve any glory coming to them but I hope it is now limited to Hearts title win and Falkirk possibly lifting the cup.

We have no divine right to be in the top league but if fans of other teams were honest I would say they are missing us – if only for the opportunity to take our scalp and get one up on us.

I won’t go into the oldco/newco/sevco argument as I am sick of it all, to be honest, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t really care what fans of other clubs think, we have never all been the best of pals so why bother retaliating to their opinions.

I’m tired of it all really. I just want to watch my team play in the big league and eventually in Europe again whilst being followed by a well-behaved, non-sectarian, non-abusive legion of supporters.

So, if we beat Hearts and Hibs don’t beat Falkirk we won’t have to play the first double header against the Doonhamers.

Even then I still would not be over confident about playing the second bottom SPL team, especially if that turns out to be Motherwell – look away now Stuart McCall. Motherwell have always done my nut in, since the days of Dougie Arnott and his frequent goals against us.

So will we beat Hearts? It depends on which Hearts turn up I think – if it’s the speedy determined crew that want to put on a show for their fans at their title party then we are in trouble.

Anybody else and we have a good chance if our interim manager stops it with the old pals act that is.

In the past I would say get the experienced players in who you know will be able to do the job and you can guarantee skill, effort and enterprise. Unfortunately we don’t have De Boer, Ferguson, Cooper or Wilkins any longer and our current crop of old heads don’t fill me with any confidence whatsoever after this season from hell.

McCall seems to have them fitter and hungrier but he has still been left with a dreadful, awful squad of underachievers and a bunch of promising youngsters to mix in with them.

Give the kids a chance I say it’s our only option and this could be the making of them.

My glass is always half full, often full. I am an optimistic guy and I think and hope that we will sneak a 2-1 victory with one of the youngsters, Walsh, scoring along with the Lawman.

Hibs will draw 1-1 and Queen of the South will beat them over two legs. It will then come good for us against the Doonhamers with a thrilling 2-1 win away and a 2-0 victory at home before beating Motherwell 3-2 on aggregate.

Oh, that’s my alarm clock going off.


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