John Guidetti charged for ‘making fun of Rangers’


As we reported on the site yesterday, Celtic striker John Guidetti is facing a charge of making a ‘comment of an offensive nature’ in an interview with a Dutch TV crew.

But in an interview this morning, former Scottish FA compliance officer Vincent Lunny claimed that it was more down to attacking Rangers or making fun of Rangers.

He said: “It would appear that their focus is on the comment attacking Rangers or making fun of Rangers for having gone into liquidation back in 2012.

“It is, I think, significant that there’s no mention of it being sectarian or otherwise based on religion. Leigh Griffiths this time last year was sent a charge for singing ‘Hearts are going bust’.

“For me, the problem with this case and with the Griffiths case is you’ve got professionals who are making fun of other clubs in difficulty. People are losing their jobs within football and it’s simply not appropriate for players to behave in public in that manner.

“There are different standards between the fans and the players. The players are directly under the jurisdiction of the SFA, the fans are not. Any rule against fan behaviour is against the club. It would have to be fairly serious for a club to be prosecuted for fans singing something and probably would have to be a criminal-type scenario or grossly offensive for that to be done.

“That is not necessarily the case here with players. You expect fans to make fun of other clubs and taking delight in another club’s demise is not surprising for fans to do but for players to do it is perhaps something completely different.”

If Lunny is correct and that Guidetti is being charged with making fun of Rangers, then the Scottish FA are a basket case of an organisation.

First of all, was he making fun of Rangers or was he singing a song that the fans sing to laud the Swedish striker?

Secondly, if Guidetti is being charged with singing a song that laughs at Rangers then what about the Hearts players on Sunday night celebrating at a local pub along with jubilant Jambos when they sang “Fekk you Rangers we won the league.’

Surely that is making fun of Rangers?

I certainly hope the Scottish FA don’t charge those Hearts players, because if they do then we can wave goodbye to our game and they should just padlock the doors at Hampden for good.

And if indeed the Scottish FA are charging John Guidetti singing a song claiming that he is making fun of Rangers then it just goes to show that the governing body are not fit for purpose.

Scottish football has enough problems at the minute to deal with let alone having to deal with a player allegedly making fun of another club.

God forbid a real problem surfaces in the Scottish game like sectarian chanting or singing – the Scottish FA would implode if they bothered to actually confront that issue head on.


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