Glasgow City destined for ten in a row



Take a wander into Glasgow and the first thing you might be asked is ‘Which team do you support?’

This age-old question is of course in reference to the ‘Old Firm’ consisting of Celtic and Rangers. Few would be brave enough to answer this question without first ascertaining which side of the divide the man opposite them stood.

Fewer still would have the true grit to answer that they did not in fact support either but instead held an affinity towards Glasgow’s other team no not Partick Thistle. This team is unique as it has no male side truly recognised in the world of football.

Glasgow City, the most dominant of woman’s football teams, has played and represented Glasgow in numerous tournaments including the UEFA Champions League.

This year for the very first time they came back from what looked like an impossible situation and booked their place in the quarter finals. The magnitude of this cannot be understated, not since Rangers run to Manchester has a Scottish club managed to achieve a UEFA quarter-final in either of the illustrious tournaments.

Glasgow City could potentially be the first Scottish club to win the European Cup/Champions League since the Lisbon Lions in 1967. Surely with such potential on the horizon and having just wrapped up their eighth consecutive Scottish Women’s Premier League they must truly be well-known and respected around Glasgow?

Sitting with John Cairns, 47, in a pub the question of woman’s football is soon brought up just after watching Celtic polish St Mirren off by four goals to one: “No, woman’s football doesn’t count, they run about against lassies who work in Greggs”.

I pose the question as to whether woman working in Greggs would be similar to a man playing for Queens Park and working as a carpenter: “It’s different because they have a talent for football and have to make ends meet”.

This sadly looks to be the norm in 21st century Glasgow as many people when asked about Glasgow City can’t actually tell me what sport they play. In fact 44% of people asked thought that they were a rugby union outfit.

However Glasgow City have brought a positive approach to the national game. Truly remarkable that they have gone under the radar for so long they now finally have started to rise higher than any other.


Outperforming both Celtic & Rangers woman’s sides is no mean feat and numerous Glasgow City woman were part of Scotland’s heart-breaking efforts in the play-off defeat to the Netherlands for the 2015 World Cup in Canada. Some things never change eh?

Jonathan Kerr seems optimistic that Glasgow City could actually pave the way for Scottish football as a whole and not just for the woman’s side of things: “In terms of genuinely attractive football it has to be argued that (Glasgow) City play some of the nicest football across the board”.

Jonathan, 24, has a love of the beautiful game which has seen him go as far afield as Peru just to see a game of football. It was on his trip of the Americas that Jonathan first witnessed the hype of woman’s football much more taken to across the pond than the man’s game although as Jonathan is keen to point out they still call it soccer which is the one thing he’d change given the chance.

Professional leagues in America attract the best of Europe much like an actor attracted to Hollywood as if a tractor beam has been set down to draw them in. If this is the case then it isn’t quite working in Glasgow. This is perhaps the reason for City’s success they have a definitive core of players who have worked and guided each other for a number of years ultimately leading up to the holy grail of the UEFA Champions League.

Glasgow City will probably become the first Scottish side to complete ten in a row but whether it truly gets acknowledged by your dye in the wool supporters of men’s sides is a completely different matter.

Jonathan argues that it should be acclaimed and heralded for the achievement that it is: “Ten titles in ten years is impressive regardless of opposition, to keep that same level of concentration and skill for a whole decade is unprecedented.”

While it still remains as the goal for Glasgow City, although it seems as a matter of when rather than if they clinch title number ten, Scottish football has an issue as both Glasgow City and to a degree their male counterparts at Celtic are both running away with their leagues.

The woman’s super league in England came down to a dramatic final day in which Liverpool and Manchester City could both still win the title. This must surely be something that is craved by all sides of the Scottish game. Of course not everyone will be able to raise their game to match the champions this is natural but for every Glasgow City there must also be a woman’s side coming to challenge. The task at hand for Glasgow City is not a challenge but merely a showcase of their natural dominance of the game.


Eddie Wolecki-Black is the man behind the team and questions are starting to be asked about whether or not he shall soon be making a step towards the national job. Anna Signuel’s side once again couldn’t complete the task at hand and now there are major calls for Wolecki-Black to be given the reigns. This Dundee born manager has the aptitude and skill to lead Scotland towards the European championships and future potential World Cups. Who better than the man who knows the girls of Glasgow City to become the saviour of Scotland?

Whether City will dominate for years to come is already a forgone conclusion in the minds of many however it will be with true interest that hopefully the eyes of Scottish football turn and start to truly appreciate and acknowledge the skill and talents of Glasgow City FC.

People make Glasgow, people should make Glasgow City proud. The ignorance shown to the woman’s game will hopefully disappear within the next year or two and if this happens then perhaps when Glasgow City hold aloft that tenth Scottish Woman’s Premier League title it will be in front of a sold out crowd chanting the names of their heroes who will truly have earned the acclaim of the crowd by once again showing that Glasgow makes people.


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