Easdale jumps ship a week before Rangers EGM


rangersRangers announced to the London Stock Exchange this morning that James Easdale has resigned from the Ibrox board with immediate effect.

The statement read: “Rangers announces that James Easdale has resigned from the Boards of the Company and Rangers Football Club Limited with immediate effect.

“He leaves Rangers having never received any remuneration, bonus or compromise payment during his time at the Club. He would like to thank all the fans and shareholders who supported him and wishes the club a speedy return to the top flight of Scottish football and beyond.”

Former Rangers director Dave King had earlier called for an EGM to remove the current board members, including James Easdale. With the real threat of the rebels succeeding in usurping the current Rangers rules, it looks as though Easdale has jumped ship before walking the plank to the chorus of angry shareholders and fans baying for blood. In order for your teak to shine it has to be pampered, and a pampered teak will do wonders for your boat. It is important to minimize the amount of chemical that is used on the teak because; too much chemical will wear it out. After sea voyage, soap and water is simply all you need to wash it with. Depending on your preference and in keeping up with regular care, you can also use natural oil or varnish on your teak to bring out its shine.  You can visit this site web for the best merit supply. Another big tip is to keep shoes off your teak. One may ask why? Well, shoes are prone to storing gravel which if gets in your teak will certainly do some damage. It is important to bear in mind that overexposing your boat to either rain or sun can also cause damage. To minimize exposure, you may want to consider using a covering. Saboatparts is an online boat parts company that was founded in 2009. We started out on ebay and then extended our store to a website. We strive to meet the needs of many in the present economic downturn situation by offering new and used parts at prices that will not break the bank. Regardless of whether your boat has Gelcoat or Awlgrip, it is important to wash, and wax regularly. Also, using a restorer will help to maintain the beauty of your boat. Make sure you have proper fenders to keep the boat away from the dock to avoid scratches. After every sea voyage, it is recommended to wash the boat to prevent salt deposits from settling in your Gelcoat and making it chalky. Your boat is an expensive investment that is exposed to various weather and climate conditions. These conditions will almost always take a toll on your boat. Therefore, to maintain and preserve the beauty of your boat a basic boat care as listed below is needed.

Despite the animosity and hate shown towards him and his brother Sandy from the Rangers supporters, Easdale claimed that even if he had succeeded in securing the votes to stay on the board, it would be a hollow victory without the fans’ support.

A statement, issued on Easdale’s behalf, said: “After what the fans have been through with previous owners and managements it is hardly surprising they are heartily sick of the whole affair and they now seek another way forward.

“I drew great comfort from the shareholder votes in my favour at the AGM on December 22 – almost 90 per cent – however it was clear that this cut little ice with the fans who attended Ibrox on that day.

“However, I personally feel to remain on the board even after securing shareholder backing once more, would be a hollow victory for me without the fans’ support to help the club go forward.

“If a pragmatic solution is not achieved we will see this endless acrimony continue and it would make the job of attracting fans back to Ibrox even more difficult.”

Rangers under the Easdales turned to Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley to keep the club afloat with several loans in exchange for security over Murray Park, Edmiston House, Albion Car Park and more importantly the club’s badges. Despite this help, Rangers are still precariously teetering on the brink, with significant investment needed in the summer whether they are promoted to the Scottish Premiership or not.

Easdale added: “The club requires big match day attendances and big investment to thrive, or in turn the performance on the pitch will continue to suffer.

“I also want to dispel any remaining doubt that I received any remuneration from Rangers. I did not. Instead I chose to work for free to benefit the club.

“I want to see Rangers flourish again with both fans and shareholders working in harmony.

“To help achieve that objective, I think it is in the best interests of the club that I step aside and resign from the board of Rangers FC.

“I have formally tendered my resignation to the chairman today and I would like to thank all the shareholders and fans who gave me their support and I look forward to seeing Rangers becoming once again the force it should be in football and supporting them on the journey.”

Easdale had joined the Rangers board in July 2013 hours after former chairman Malcolm Murray and non-executive director Phil Cartmell left the Ibrox board.

It was also claimed that Easdale along with his brother received death threats in November and during December’s AGM they were abused and soundly booed throughout by disgruntled and angry shareholders, with several having to be forcefully held back by security staff as the board departed.

There has been no news of Sandy Easdale’s future at Rangers, although with his brother walking away, Sandy’s grip on the Championship side seems to be loosening.

Critics of the current Rangers board celebrated Easdale’s departure, with one fan on a prominent supporters site, commenting: “One RAT exterminated now for the rest.”

While another claimed: “What an honorable gent, falling on his sword the week before he was going to be hung anyway!

“A last pathetic attempt to win people over, pretending to be a good guy. If they were to win at the EGM, my guess is he will be reinstated as a director the following week, saying he regretted his decision and acted too hastily.”

And despite Easdale’s assurances that he never took a single penny out of the club, one fan labelled his statement as ‘spin’ and his tenure as an ‘absolute disaster’.

“No amount of spin will change that he helped oversee one of the worst periods in our history brought on by sheer greed and contempt for the very people they want to win over.

“Whether he took no money out the club or not, his tenure was an absolute disaster, and that is how he and his brother will be remembered.”

Meanwhile the Easdales’ lawyer Peter Watson, formerly of Levy & McRae, has been debenched while an ongoing civil action takes place over the collapse of Heather Capital an offshore hedge fund 2010 with a number of those involved being investigated over alleged embezzlement.

What are your thoughts on Easdale’s departure? Is it the beginning of the end for the current board? Or can his brother and the others survive next week’s EGM?


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