Behind the ‘face’ of Sons of Struth is an unsavoury past


Rangers are in the middle of another financial calamity. Mike Ashley has just loaned the Ibrox club £2 million interest free and expects to be repaid in six months time, after Dave King’s £16 million offer and Brian Kennedy’s £3 million offer were rejected. The fans turn to their representatives to get their voice heard in the press and at the club – but should the fans really be wise in turning to certain fan representatives especially when one prominent group was co-founded by a convicted drug dealer, hooligan and BNP supporter with links to Ulster terror groups?

Craig Houston, co-founder of the Sons of Struth, is by all accounts the owner of a cleaning business – oven cleaning so I am led to believe. Houston is the face of the Sons of Struth, but not much has been said in the mainstream media about the other co-founder of the rebel group, Sandy Chugg.

Strange that the focus is solely on one and not the other? Not really that strange when you realise the sordid and shameful past of Chugg as a convicted drug dealer and football hooligan. You will see why Sons of Struth and those Rangers fan groups want to be associated more with Craig Houston rather than Sandy Chugg.

So who is Sandy Chugg?

Chugg, who was the former leader of Rangers’ Inter City Firm, was jailed for three years [released after serving two years]in 1990 for drug dealing – specifically the sale of LSD and Temazepam. He was also given a community service order in 2000 for being in possession of a stun gun.

Rangers also handed the convicted drug dealer three lifetime bans over his hooliganism, the last being handed to him in 2007 for attending Rangers’ European clash against Osasuna – despite being handed an indefinite suspension by the club. The bans were lifted in August 2011.

He also tried and failed to organise violent clashes during Scotland’s 1998 World Cup campaign in France, which was foiled after a six-month operation involving Scots, French and Spanish police forces.

The bus carrying them was intercepted by Police at Salou in Spain, included members linked to Ulster Loyalist terror groups [Ulster Freedom Fighters and the Ulster Volunteer Force] and were heading to Bordeaux intent on causing trouble at the Scotland – Norway match.

According to the Daily Record in 2002, Sandy Chugg along with Warren Bennet, David Carrick and Mark Hendry were seen in the crowd during a game between Rangers and Aberdeen went Dons striker Robbie Winters was pelted by coins. The paper also goes on to out Chugg has having ‘links to Nazi militants’ and is a ‘known member of the BNP. He nominated BNP candidate Robert Currie, who stood for MP for Shettleson in 1997’ with his name appearing on the official nomination form forwarded to Glasgow’s returning officer.

Now it was claimed back in December 2013, that due to Chugg’s unsavoury past, he had taken a back seat in the group.

Commenting on the group’s Facebook page at the time, Chugg said: “Contrary to lies spouted on a certain tiny Rangers web site I have NOT left SoS. I took a back seat ages ago as some narrow minded, perfect individuals who’ve NEVER done anything wrong in their where no doubt going to bring up my past.”

Has he really taken a back seat though?

In July this year, during an organised Sons of Struth demonstration against the current board at Ibrox, Craig Houston was joined on the back of a lorry alongside former Rangers players John Brown and Nacho Novo. But there was also another notable attendee given pride of place, alongside two players deemed as legends by the club’s supporters, one Sandy Chugg – seen hugging and shaking the hand of Nacho Novo from 4:57 on the video below.

So much for taking a back seat Sandy?

The Sons of Struth are members of the umbrella group, Union of Fans, did this group know of Chugg’s shameful past when they welcomed the duo into their fold?

The Union of Fans earlier today launched a strongly worded statement criticising the Ibrox board’s deal with Mike Ashley, maybe just maybe they should clean the grim and dirt from their own ranks before trying to preach about the Ibrox board being ‘cowards’ and ‘betraying the Rangers supporters’

Why should Rangers fans listen to such individuals when they have brought more harm than good upon the club they profess to support? They should just not go and stay at home playing video games with elo boosting services.

Will the mainstream media be more careful in who they bring on board to be mouthpieces for clubs and who they associate themselves with? They have a responsibility to their readers and viewers after all.


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