Green Brigade to boycott Maribor Champions League game


gblogoThe self-confessed Celtic Ultras group, the Green Brigade, have announced that they will be boycotting the club’s biggest match of the season on Tuesday night against Maribor.

Announcing their decision to not attend the game, the Green Brigade, said: “Again, it is with complete dismay that we must announce that we won’t be attending the Maribor match on Tuesday night. After a summer of amicable and progressive dialogue with the Club we are bitterly disappointed that at this stage of the new season they have still failed to grant season tickets after being given constant assurances on the matter.

“Going forward the situation looks bleak. We have exhausted pretty much all avenues in attempting to secure a permanent, Club-sanctioned section along with re-building and sustaining a positive working relationship with the Club. It is becoming increasingly clear though that some at the Club must not be interested in the prospect of us returning to Celtic Park. This is all the more frustrating after a summer of positive relations and what now seems clear to have been constant false-promises.

“Whilst we remain open to further, worthwhile dialogue with the Club in the hope of coming to a sensible and speedy resolution our priority must now be on consulting with the section and planning a strategy for supporting Celtic as non-season ticket holders. As such we will organise a section meeting ASAP. We apologise if anyone feels let down by this outcome but must stress that we have done all that we possibly can. Perhaps, ironically, our downfall here is that we have taken the Club at their word all summer. Despite our disappointment at the moment, and the obvious challenge ahead, we obviously remain intent in doing all that we can in order to support Celtic as much as possible.”

However, Scotzine have been informed by a club official that the ‘real reason’ behind the Green Brigade not receiving their season tickets is because Celtic have yet to receive the okay from Glasgow City Council’s Safety Advisory Group. The Parkhead side want them to return to Section 111, however there is a delay from the body that issues safety certificates in relation to the Green Brigade and section 111 of Celtic Park. Not the big conspiracy that the Green Brigade want us to believe now is it?

Despite their intentions to ‘support Celtic as much as possible’, Tuesday night’s game will be the second game of the season that the Green Brigade will not be in attendance. Rather than supporting their team from the stands like many other Celtic fans do with or without a season ticket or a dedicated section, the Green Brigade spent Celtic’s 6-1 demolition of Dundee United in the Celtic Club on London Road.

If this group were true Ultras as they claim, would they let the club’s hesitancy or unwillingness to gift them a dedicated section again stop them from supporting their team from the sidelines? A group that once lauded its own militancy and anti-PLC stance is now spitting the dummy over the same PLC not handing them a few seats in the stadium.

What is more important – standing together banging a drum and holding up a bit of cloth or supporting the team through an important Champions League game which could net the club around £20 million as well as more top nights in Europe’s elite club competition?

It is Celtic Park not Green Brigade Park – while you have added colour and atmosphere to the ground – your constant whining about the board makes you look nothing more than a kid who has had his Xbox taken off him for not doing his homework.

Just because you sing a few songs, bang a drum and jump up it down doesn’t make you any better than those Celtic fans who attend the games simply to watch their team play. Why should you make demands on the club? What makes you anymore special than Joe Bloggs in Section 415 Seat 34 Row AA?

Stop spitting the dummy, support the club. You have shot yourselves in the foot once again. The Green Brigade is not Celtic Football Club, it is not the Celtic support either. It is a tiny part of a support that encompasses the world and when these fans talk about Celtic they don’t focus on the Green Brigade for the most part, they laud the club, its legends, players and managers past and present. Celtic Football Club will continue whether or not the Green Brigade are around, it survived before and it will survive when the group is no more. Remember that while you sit in the Celtic Club bar just down the road from Celtic Park as the spectacle of another European night is upon the East End of Glasgow.

Hearing that Champions League anthem from a Bar’s TV doesn’t beat hearing it in the flesh. Enjoy your Shandys lads.


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