Spectacular Commonwealth Games opening ceremony


The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games opened on Wednesday night to mixed reactions. The opening sequence with actors John Barrowman and Karen Dunbar proved to be the lowest point of the ceremony as Karen Dunbar’s nostrils were rumoured to have snorted up the Red Arrows as they flew over Celtic Park, while Barrowman’s Hollywood Brigadoon accent accompanied by dancing Giant Tunnock teacakes was supposed to add some playfulness to the ceremony – sadly it only added a huge dose of cringiness.

From that point on however, the ceremony got better and better despite some hiccups. Rod Stewart was rolled out to save the day and despite Susan Boyle forgetting the words to Mull of Kintyre – it grew and grew into a spectacle that we all hoped it would be.

One negative, bar those mentioned above, was the rave music on show. All that Celtic Park missed were the volunteers handing out LSD, Ecstasy and whistles for the revellers – it was like a Glasgow nightclub from the 90s.

The stars of the show – yes the athletes were the real stars – but in some ways they were upstaged by the Scottish terriers trotting or being carried in front of them by their handlers.

While we were painted in the usual stereotypical way – minus giant buckie bottles and deep fried mars bars – as Team Scotland took to the pitch at Celtic Park – the stadium’s roof was nearly sent into orbit with the reception they got.

As for the finale – fireworks galore from Celtic Park to the Clyde that could be heard for miles around and proved once and for all that Glasgow really can put on a great party.

Hopefully Team Scotland can continue that party atmosphere with a sizeable medal haul.


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