The Best Ads of World Cup 2014


The World Cup is all about football, however for the business world it is also an avenue to sell their products and services. Football fans have seen numerous adverts already focusing on the World Cup, so here are our selection in no particular order.

Nike: Winner stays on

Not necessarily focusing on the World Cup, but Nike have produced an advert that takes us back to our childhoods as we took to the local parks taking dibs on what footballer we were going to play as.

With football talent such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrea Pirlo and Andrés Iniesta al featuring, it was a sure-fire hit!

Currys/PC World: Pride and Sensibility

If you are married to a partner who as no interest in football, then this commercial will make a lot of sense. There is a continued battle for the remote in my house with the missus wanting to watch her programmes, while I want to watch mine.

Who wants to watch the World Cup on a small 32inch when you can upgrade with the hope of your missus saying aye to a new telly.

BBC Sport World Cup 2014 Promo

With the BBC one of the two channels broadcasting the World Cup this summer, they bring back a retro feel of sorts with fake Subbuteo figures.

The only problem with it? They have divided it into parts.

Adidas: I am Brazuca

The next ad on our list comes from Adidas as they promote the official matchball of the World Cup – the Brazuca! Just like Nike, they utilise the players on their sponsorship payroll to produce a quality ad, which also brings you the view from the ball itself.

TAM Airlines: Bringing our stars home

With players falling left, right and centre through injury, Brazilian airline TAM produces an ad in which some of their stars face opposition fans trying to prevent them from getting to their flight as they head to the World Cup Finals.

Not a bad advert, but certainly isn’t a patch on previous adverts showcasing Brazilian stars.

McDonalds: World Cup Ad

One of the main FIFA World Cup sponsors, McDonalds, are a regular producer of commercials targeting the football viewing public. This time they bring together kids, a lassie on a night out dolled up to the nines, a mobility scooter driving pensioner and many more pulling off one superb trick shot after another.

ESPN: I Believe

The Americans must be the purveyors of adverts given the multitude of ads that appear during their programmes, so we cross the Atlantic to take in ESPN’s latest production as the US football [Soccer to them] fans expect big things from their side this summer – even with Landon Donovan missing.

It’s in your face, but this is America we are talking about. They are always in your face about most things!

Budweiser: Believe as One/ Celebrate as One

Another American commercial focusing more on the world aspect of the game, than solely on the US fans. Another ‘believe’ advertisement – must be the new buzzword among Ad agencies this year.

They will never beat their frog Budweiser adverts. It’s a good effort lads but just not you best.

Adidas: The Dream – All or Nothing

The second advert from the Adidas team this time focusing on their star man Lionel Messi among several other sponsored players. Messi dreams ahead of the World Cup finals and gives him the choice of all in or nothing – the latest PR ad agency line for the sports brand.

Does it have as much impact as their rivals Nike’s ad? I don’t think so.


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