Match fixing fears over Scotland v Nigeria clash

There are fears that match fixers acting on behalf of Far East illegal betting syndicates have targeted Wednesday night’s international friendly between Scotland and Nigeria at Craven Cottage.

World football governing body FIFA confirmed they have been notified of the potential threat, but refused to confirm or deny that an investigation was taking place.

They stated: “We are aware of the claims published. Generally speaking, we are not in a position to comment or provide information on any match-manipulation investigations that are ongoing so as not to compromise investigations, nor do we provide any comments as to whether or not any investigations are underway.”

According to reports, FIFA were made aware of the allegations by the National Crime Agency.

The National Crime Agency refused to comment on any individual investigation when contacted.

The statement, read: “The NCA will from time to time provide operational detail necessary for public reassurance purposes.

“It does not routinely confirm or deny the existence of specific operations or provide ongoing commentary on operational activity.”

The Scottish FA said in a statement: “We are liaising with the relevant authorities and will prepare for the match as normal.”

There is no suggestion that any of the Scotland squad are involved.

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  1. The asian markets are flooding the british football betting is a juggernaut that shows little sign of abating. FIFA say they are investigating and are in control. My huge knowledge of the betting industry tells me different and unfortunately traditional high street bookmaking firms have to accept a share of the blame. This comes as no surprise to myself and unfortunately I can see the problem worsen. The liquidity and turnover generated in Asia is colassal. Solving this problem will require massive surgery.. Regards..

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